A half marathon ticked off the list!

 I completed my first half marathon!  I thought 2:15-2:30 would be a realistic time to aim for, going on my comfortable base pace and looking at times from other’s first half marathons.  However, I was extremely proud on the day when I came in at 2h 13m 10s!  :)  AND I could have done better, having walked a large chunk at around mile 11.
I really struggled at mile 11.  I had in my head that there was a water station here, but it wasn’t until 11.5 which put a huge mental block on me to keep going forward.  I found 11.5-13 very easy, but really struggled again for the last 0.1 mile!…Until I saw Kerry run towards me screaming out my name to encourage me to the end!  She was placed perfectly, and I even managed a sprint finish!  Although very happy with my time, I know I can do better, and would like to aim for a sub 2h 5m half at Silverstone in March.

I have also completed my first race, or even first run in the snow!  Stopsley cross-country was yesterday morning, and just as we arrived it really started to snow!  There were snowflakes as big as 10p pieces!  And I was in shorts!  Eek!  Luckily, the run helped me to warm up once we began.  I didn’t perform very well but was under no illusions that I would, having raced a half marathon a week earlier, being ill for the entire week and only completing one small, poor run since the previous Sunday.  However I was not last, and had loads of fun out in the snow!

Now, serious training begins for my marathon!  Doctors appointment today to be declared fit and my plan begins next week, so lots of runs to be fit in this week to get back to full fitness.  I am really looking forward to it!

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