Injured and frustrated!

So I have spent the last two weeks completing very few meaningful runs!

Last Tues (x2) at club it we set off at a very fast pace.  So fast, that I think it shocked my right calf to give up completely during the run, and 10 mins before we were back my leg gave way and I could no longer walk!  My whole leg had cramped up and gone really tight.  I half jogged, half hobbled back to my car, but the next day could barely walk around school.

I tried a tiny run Fri (2.5 miles) but this was at 11.5m/m pace and I could still feel the injured leg.  Same again the following Tues (with a very agitated weekend – missing out on 15 miles of training!).  5 miles Fri, still reasonably slow, 4 Sat, and then a long slow run with Kerry at Stanwick lakes on the Sunday.  Aiming for about 10, but hit 11.35 with my leg feeling much better.

It’s Folksworth 15 this weekend, so fingers crossed I am capable of getting round…

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