A string of PBs!

My last four races have all been PBs…although I was due a rubbish race this time and got it despite the PB!
* Nene Valley 10 (2nd Dec) – 1h 34m 27s (5m 10s PB)
* Bedford half (9th Dec) – 2h 9m 16s (3m 54s PB)
* Northampton Parkrun (2nd Feb) – 26m 55s (1m 3s PB)
* Folksworth 15 (10th Feb) – 2h 33m 03s (16s PB)

It was cold, raining and extremely windy at Folksworth!  I seemed to have nothing inside me and my legs wouldn’t work as I wanted them to.  I felt a little light headed at the start.  I was almost sick in my mouth a couple of times, got two stitches, my face was completely numb on the right side and after everything I forgot to stop my watch at the end of the race or even check the clock at the finish line!

I had been running well lately but I had so many run-walk transitions in this race, despite the new PB I was disappointed with myself.