Allegedly to use up what you had left in your cupboards before Lent.  Now, ironically spent rushing around supermarkets desperatly hoping there’s still lemons in stock!
Anyway, I found these really cute giraffe pancakes on Pinterest.  Mine didn’t turn out quite the same and I gave up after just making one for Dan for tea before resorting to standard pan-shaped pancakes!
My attempt at a giraffe pancake!  (Looked more like a horse with chickenpox…)
Dan then decided to make me a heart-shaped pancake for my tea!

Anyway, I stayed at my friends for a really long catchup in Norfolk, which meant I wasn’t back in time for running club and really didn’t fancy going out in the cold pitch black when I got back last night, so substituted yesterday as one of my rest days.  Ready for 8 slow miles tomorrow though!