Food accountability…

A little like Monica over at runeatrepeat I have had big issues in the past with a binge restrict cycle and as a a runner training for my first ultra-marathon I think it’s important to not only track my runs, but also my meals and well, everything I eat in order to see why my runs go well/not so well.
Hope I can be as honest as Monica!…Here goes…!

Breakfast was that tiny bit of plain bagel I left myself from dinner last night with a tablespoonsful of houmous.  I followed this off with a Vanilla and Dark chocolate light yoghurt (just 91 calories!)
Graze box – Banoffee Pie – fudge pieces, almond slices, pecan nuts and banana coins (149 cals)  I’d started this before I’d even gotten to work because I knew it was in my bag!  Bad!
Graze box – Marvellous Macaroon – amaretti drops, almond slices, coconut flakes and white chocolate buttons (157 cals)
Two small tangerines at lunch!
Graze box – Summer berry flapjack (236 cals) – I had this because I was starving when I got in before heading out for my run with Hayley.
Fish slice, with the leftovers of potato, cheese and ham bake and a portion of peas for tea!

I nipped out for a run with Hayley after work – just a chatty run, nothing speedy.  Burnt off 711 calories before tea!  Was feeling really hungry before bed though so did sneak a large tablespoon of Tesco Hazelnut spread which I don’t have a photo for…  NAUGHTY!

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