Feeling like I belong…

…to Group 4!
5.68 miles completed and 722 calories burnt in a quick Group 4 session today.  Most of the actual running was sub 8m 30s miles.  There were a few turn backs because I most definitely was not at the back of the pack tonight!  :)  My chest over my rib cage is feeling very muscly after tonight’s session and I have a lot more confidence in my running ability again.  :)

A regular size bowl of Tesco Blueberry Wheats with semi-skimmed milk for breakfast
At breaktime I ended up having FOUR plums and a Tracker bar…
Graze Gazpacho Dip box on my lunchbreak (63 cals)
I was STARVING after school so had two small tangerines whilst marking my year 11 work

Stupidly told Dan I had been starving.  He makes tea on a Tues/Thurs night as I go straight to running club from school and don’t get back until gone 8pm.  Tea therefore consisted of peas, carrots (I’ve taught him well!), chicken kiev, half a garlic bread with mayonnaise and chips (I don’t actually like chips, we only keep some in the freezer for days when I am not there, because Dan would have them wirh every meal.  (If every meal was not a McDonalds!)

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