The busiest day of 2013!

Yesterday was literally the busiest day I have had in an extremely long while!  I was up by 5am to finish writing my lesson plan as I had an observation Period 1 with a year 9 class.  Grabbed a bagel with philadelphia and ham and a Muller light yoghurt for breakfast, showered and Dan drove me to work whilst I scribbled down on the back of a cookie wrapper details of the resource I still needed to finish creating and practiced my assembly speech.
At work I printed off the seating plan, lesson plan, resources and began cutting up the starter exercise.  Rushed down for a year 10 meeting at 8:25, left that early at 8:40 and rushed over to year 7 assembly where the Head of Year was panicking because the kids were due in any second and I hadn’t showed up yet!  Gave my assembly (which actually went great!) and rushed back over to my form room ready for my observation.  Ian, my line manager came to tell me that it would no longer be a full lesson observation, but instead a drop in of 15 minutes in about 15 minutes time.  This could go either way…I could have lost the kids interest by then, or work extremely hard to have them thoroughly on task by the time the Assistant Head arrived.  Luckily, it was the second one and my lesson went without hitch!  :)  Taught Period 3 and was looking forward to a well deserved break Period 4 but I got put onto cover for year 7 music!  All of the students recognised me from assembly that morning, two came to talk about SAMLearning and one came over to talk about running as he runs cross-country for his local club!  Lunchtime should have been a meet regarding a revamp of the English website but the teacher was off sick.  And then my year 11 class in the afternoon were lovely and calm and I really enjoyed teaching them!
I grabbed a snack – Chocolate covered popcorn) from the staff room as a treat to myself for a successful days work as I had forgotten to take anything for lunch in my rush in the morning.  Unfortunately, at our school you can only buy food by putting cash onto your finger to pay for it and only at lunchtimes, which I was busy at.  But there is a charity sweet box in the staff room to raid (for a £1) in emergencies!

Was sooooooooooooo looking forward to getting to club when I got home from work.  Dan had picked me up in plenty of time, so I was back to ours by 5:45 (club doesn’t start until 6:30) and I grabbed a snack (mmmmmmmm, cookies and cream Graze box!) before heading upstairs to get changed.  Couldn’t find my running bra anywhere.  I was getting really cross.  Dan had taken two loads of washing upstairs on Tuesday night to help me out – normally I take it up and sort it straight away, and I was convinced he’d lost it between clothes horse and bedroom, however, at 6:20 I found my bra hanging from the curtain hooks in the bedroom – where I’d left it to dry the other night.  :(

Went out for a run anyway.  Was in two minds about going for a tempo run (which is what I should have been completing at club) or an easy run.  Did a mix of the two!  Am quite glad actually that I didn’t get to club as I have had such a busy week and no time to catch up on my thinking.  I wouldn’t have been able to do that at club.  Made another deal with myself that I wouldn’t check my watch whilst I was running, but instead, run on feel and wait until I got back home to look at my stats.  I had a great run!
Mile 1: 10:57 (Included my warmup)
Mile 2: 9:23
Mile 3: 9:53  (Including a brief walk to take off my jacket and wrap it around my waist)
Mile 4: 9:35
Mile 5: 9:56
Mile 6: 9:12
When I got home, Dan had cooked us a curry – Chicken Tikka with rice and a large garlic naan bread.  I had never had a curry until I was 21.  My mates think that is really weird!  Was delicious and I felt satisfied but not overly full afterwards.  Just the way it should be!

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