180 steps per minute

My mid morning snack was a Graze box Summer Berry Compote.  This was lovely and sweet and just what I fancied this morning.

 I was excited about my lunch all morning (because I’m a loser!) I haven’t really had proper lunch at school for a long while because lunches were making me feel really sleepy in the afternoon, although I now know this is because I probably wasn’t always making the best choices.  I also worry about eating too late in the afternoon when I know I’m running with club in the evening, I prefer to run with very little in my stomach.
This salad though, was extremely yummy and contained mixed leaves, cherry tomatoes, goats cheese and right at the bottom, which I had forgotten all about until I reached that far were a handful of sugar snap peas!  I spent ages looking for my balsamic vinegar pot this morning, but couldn’t find it so had to settle with ceasar dressing.  Still yummy, but not AS yummy!  Didn’t feel overly sleepy this afternoon from the meal and my stomach was fine with tonight’s run.

 When I got home from school I grabbed another Graze box to snack on…Bounty Hunter.  This is the best one!  Chocolate, cranberry and coconut.  Picked at this for about twenty minutes whilst I was getting ready for club.
There were only eight of us in my group tonight, including Heather, the coach.  We’re really lucky in Group 4 because the coaches are fantastic and always have a focus for our sessions.  Tonight Heather played a metronome sound at a speed of 180 beats per minute and we had to try and focus on getting our feet to hit the ground each time a beat was played, aiming for a quicker pace over intervals.  We ran a couple of miles out to a warehouse unit, which does not have much traffic, but a nice long curving road.  On the side of the road there are markings every 100m up to 1k.  Our session tonight was quick leg pace out and recovery jog back to the start.  We did 200m (and back), 400m (and back), 600m (and back) then a quick two minute breather before repeating the exercise again.  We covered 5.32 miles overall, with my fastest pace at 6m59s.  I knew most of my speed reps had been in the 7minute miles.  How amazing would it be to eventually get a 5k PB at 7mm?!  I burnt off 676 calories on tonights run.

 Dan had cooked a curry again tonight.  Another tikka masala, this time with prawns and rice.  No naan.  I wasn’t really hungry when I got back from club, just tired but knew I had to eat.
This picture makes it look like I ate a whole bar!  I swear it was only two squares!

I also grabbed two squares of white chocolate whilst I was doing the washing up as I fancied something sweet.  Just looked back over my snacks though and realised how sweet they all were today.  I shall pull out some fruit for tomorrow’s snacks before bed!

I am working on a WordPress site currently.  I’m visiting my parents this weekend so hopefully I shall have a bit of time to work on it then and get the blog transferred over soon.  Exciting times!  :)

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