Licking the lid!

The best bit about having yoghurt in the morning is getting to lick the lid right?!

I was looking forward to breakfast this morning.  I had picked up some tins of fruit on my shop at the weekend and this morning I poured out half a tin of pear halves with juice which I then topped with a Muller light vanilla yoghurt.  This was actually a lot more filling than I thought it would be and I’m now laying flat out on the couch trying to muster up some sort of energy to get into work today!
Tonight should see the first of my longer runs mid-week in the build up for the marathon.  I’m hoping to run 8-9 miles tonight after school so am going to drive myself in today with the hope that I can make it back while it’s still semi light and not have to do three laps of town!  Dan announced yesterday that he is having friends up on Friday night whilst I’m away so tonight will also need to involve the tidying of the horrific mess we call our home!