Things don’t always go to plan!

 My snack this morning was a Salsa Fresca Graze box.  I do love Graze.  I have a box of four snacks delivered each week and it makes it really easy to grab a snack if I’m in a rush before school in the morning.  This box only has 51 calories in.  Great!

 I did sneak a puffy thing with vanilla inside at breaktime from the staffroom though.  Free food always draws me in.  :(

I had the same lush salad for lunch that I did yesterday but there wasn’t any remaining goats cheese so I used a matchbox sized piece of cheddar cheese instead.  Why do they always compare it to a matchbox?!  The matchboxes we have at home to light the fire are HUGE!  (I just had a small regular matchbox sized piece of cheese!)

This is the super cute lunchbox my friend Vicki bought for my birthday last year.  I think she got it from Paperchase.

 Almost forgot to take a picture of my afternoon snack, but here is the remainder of my tangerine!  My stomach was growling for some reason at 3pm, so I grabbed this then.

 I was supposed to be tidying my desk, although I didn’t get very far this evening!  This is how it started out.  That pile of folders on my desk is just one class of year 7s to mark.  I have four classes that each handed in large homework projects this week that I need to get marked before next week.  It’s going to be a busy weekend!  Hopefully tomorrow I will have an ‘after’ picture that looks much better!

I left tidying and had a meeting at 4:30-5 before driving home to fit in a run before Dan got back.
I have two sports bras.  One was in the wash and the other has been rubbing on the front of my chest recently.  I couldn’t find any vaseline in the house so decided to whack some sudocrem on the front to hopefully stop it rubbing when I got home for a run (it worked!)
I had a really good run again, although didn’t get as far as intended – just 5 miles.  Tonight was supposed to be our night together and I had seen Dan drive past at the start of my run.  I felt a little guilty, as I dont seem to have seen him much just lately again so when my first loop finished at mile 5 I called it a day.
My legs had felt very tired at the beginning of the run, probably due to the speedwork we completed yesterday but I continued with an easy run.  Again, keeping with my recent tradition of not looking at my watch until returning home.  Again, I was surprised at the speed of a run I found easy, especially with such tired legs.
Mile 1: 11:07 (inc warmup)
Mile 2: 10:36
Mile 3: 9:55
Mile 4: 9:35
Mile 5: 9:58

My focus is obviously the upcoming MK marathon, followed by the Shires and Spires Ultra – although I’m not worried about time for this, just completing.  I would then like to complete the Summer season and get some new PBs for the shortest distances.  Fingers crossed!

On returning home I said to Dan that I would just grab a quick shower and then start on tea so we could go bowling (our pre-agreed night together).  I had actually been looking forward to tea all day.  I wanted to have another salad wholemeal pitta and experiment in making my first batch of sweet potato chips on the side.  Dan seemed confused though and seemed to think that we had planned both Dominos pizza and bowling.  I don’t remember this!  The other day he had mentioned that we hadn’t had takeaway pizza for about five years and I had suggested that one week we would have that as our night together.  I just didn’t think he’d assumed the same night as bowling!
He went off to get two medium pizzas while I grabbed a shower.  I had the veggie supreme to still get lots of vegetables in.  I didn’t eat all of the pizza.  Last year I would have sat there until I finished but I’m proud of myself for stopping (although probably should have stopped a little earlier!) and now have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
We didn’t get to bowling.  I was too tired in the end, but instead we curled up on the couch together and chatted, and watched a bit of QI on TV.  Much better than going bowling!

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