Comic Relief Friday

IMG_6556  I had trouble sleeping last night.  I was pretty tired and went to bed early.  This meant that I was wide awake by 1:30am (don’t check my last blog post time!) and didn’t head back up to bed for another couple of hours – spending the time finding new blogs and applying for a job for September.

When I got up AGAIN at 6:15 I fancied more than the frozen yoghurt I had planned and IMAG0491instead had a toasted bagel with half crunchy peanut butter and half white chocolate spread.

My lessons went by quickly at work today.

It was the turn of one of the Psychology teachers to bring in Friday treats today, but due to Red Nose Day events and various other happenings there ended up being only three of us meeting up at break.  I had a white bread roll with a ham slice inside, a mini sausage roll dipped in jalepeno houmous (this was really hot!) and a satsuma and Rocky bar (I managed to get a picture of these last two after shooting off for my period 3 year 8 lesson.  I also had a small cup of raspberry and cranberry IMAG0492juice.

At lunchtime I grabbed a tangerine.  I’ve still got two more of these left and it was a massive pain to peel today!  The skin was all stuck to the actual fruit and my hands were covered in orange juice…it was pouring down my hands!IMAG0493

After school on a Friday I run Riding Club for years 7-9s.  Every other week we go to the stables.  The other weeks I run a stable management/horse knowledge session at school.  The kids normally leave me a message on the board whilst waiting for me to get the registers sorted and see the other kids on the bus off to the stables.  This was today’s message!







I was planning on a short run after work but decided against it when I got home.  I’ve got a long slow run of 18 miles planned for tomorrow and a 5k race (which I won’t race) on Sunday morning so decided to give my legs a rest tonight.  Instead I put in a Dr Oetker vegetarian pizza.  Anything with pesto or goats cheese is a winner for me!  Thinking back earlier, I had never had a pizza until I went to Uni at age 19 and even now I would never choose one if we went out for a meal – it’s purely a lazy time thing.  These only take 10 mins in the oven.

IMG_20130315_190819I’m now wrapped up in my dressing gown enjoying a Strongbow with Dan whilst watching the Comic Relief coverage on BBC after having completed the fifth day of my 30 Day Shred.  So far watching Comic Relief has prompted such Google searches as “How old is Lenny Henry?” [54] and “Where does Rowan Atkinson live?” [Apethorpe, which is actually less than 20 miles from where we live!]

Who knows what other Google searches we’ll complete tonight!!!…

Why I love running with a running club!

I am a proud member of a running club in Northamptonshire, UK.

St Neots

Having read running and healthy living blogs for a few months now it seems that lots of people don’t actually train with a running club at all.  I LOVE being a member of my club and thought I would share a few of the benefits…


1. You get discounted rates at most UK affliliated races.  Usually £2-3…but if I’m racing 20+ times a year, this definitely adds up!

2. I’m covered by insurance when I run (probably unlike the person that hits me in their car!)

3. I get an extra chance for a place in the London Marathon each year.

4. I get a coach, or several coaches for just £30 a year who are there to help ME with MY running/training plans/panicked moments!

5. There are 300 people to choose from when looking for someone to go to races with.


6. Every weekend, in addition to club nights there are at least 6 different informal long run distances/speeds planned to keep things interesting.

7. My club like to visit pubs!  We actually had the ‘Welly Wobble’ as our celebration for 20 years of running…A 20 pub pub crawl in our running clothes!


8. My club also offer free entry to all local cross-country league races – fun with mud!  :)


9. Twice a week I run with others on club nights who are just as enthusiastic about my running goals as I am and will encourage me to work towards them.

10. I can chat running/PBs/races/food/fitness levels and others listen!

11. I get running world gossip at club first!  And suggestions for races/runs that would suit me.

12. No matter how slow you are everybody from our club waits until the last person from our club crosses the finish line.  At Oakley 20 last year our last runner came in at 4h 20m.  The first runner had come in at 2h 15m and there were 32 of us running altogether.  All 31 of us that had already gone through the finish stood cheering Andy through the finish line for his race.  Everybody at the club is so very supportive.  :)

A day in a post


I got up early with the aim of doing day number 4 of the 30 Day Shred.  This didn’t happen.  I was too tired to be jumping all around the living room at 5:45am!  Instead, I decided that I would complete the DVD after returning from run club later that night as I always have a ton of energy after going out with club.

My day of teaching seemed very easy for some reason..  Thursdays are my lightest day with IMAG0487just two single lessons (year 10 and 11) and a double year 9 lesson.  All kids were really well behaved and all lessons went to plan.  Unfortunately I was pretty tired in my two free periods and didn’t get a whole lot of work done – finding it really hard to concentrate on what I was doing.  I need some early nights next week…

I picked through the rest of my pack of grapes (no before picture. – oops!) and the cheese I brought for my salad at breaktime.




Lunch was the remainder of my salad items…mixed leaves, tomatoes, carrots and some ceasar dressing.  I was still feeling quite snacky this afternoon and had our school had food available I would have gone to get something else!

All the way through my year 11 lesson at the end of the day I really craved a hot chocolate.  By 3:30 it was IMAG0489IMAG0490all I could think about so I decided to head to the train station (about 5 min walk from the school) to get one and refocus for marking after school.

Apparently the train station in town is too small even for a coffee shop but by this point I could not have returned without a hot drink.  My hands were freezing by now.  I headed into town with a 15 min power walk and into Starbucks.  Well, apparentally Starbucks is where all the cool kids hang out after school and was filled with students sipping hot drinks inside.  Mental note to live without a hot chocolate next time I get a craving!  When I did return to work I managed to get a few more year 7 projects marked before finishing for the day.  I have four classes of projects to mark by Monday.  So far I have marked 10 projects.  :(

I was still cold when I got home from work and was really not feeling running outside at club tonight.  I revved myself up and was really glad I did.  Quite a few people have recently moved from group 4 up to group 3, and the same has happened from group 5 up to group 4.  It means I’m no longer one of the slowest at the back of the pack and I’m no longer worried about people talking to me and me appearing rude because I have no breath left in me to answer them!

We were a little slower tonight I think anyway, but Heather also pointed out that the air had been a little warmer recently, making it easier for us to breathe when we ran.  We covered 5.91 miles and I burnt off 755 calories.  I spent a little while talking to one of the newer runners from the club that has just moved up from group 5 and is running her first half marathon next weekend.  It seems so long ago now that I ran Bedford half as my first half marathon in 2011!

I also got a chance to talk to Kev, our own crazy ultra runner man!  I had wanted to have a chat with him about Me wanting to run the Ultra four weeks after MK marathon for a little while now but kept missing him on club nights.  He says I will be fine.  Reassured me and I feel much more confident.  He is going to run with me on the day as he said that last year he went from mile 15 to 23 without seeing anybody at all and if I go off course in that time (very likely knowing my record with directions!) I will end up a very long way from home!)

IMG_6555Dan had reheated the remaining pasta from last night for tea by the time I got home along with some garlic bread.  This meal is seriously lacking in colour!  Where were the peas?!?!

I quickly completed the 30 Day Shred DVD and pretty much called it a night after that.