A good run

It’s odd how you can have a completely rubbish run and then, just two days later you can fly round a super hilly course of the same length, shaving minutes off your time!  That’s exactly what happened to me tonight at least.  We ran 6.12 miles this evening, hitting sub 8mm at some point of each mile!

Breakfast this morning was a half toasted bagel with smooth peanut butter on top.  These bagels are a little past it now…I did a mould hunt before assuring myself I couldn’t find any and smothering it in PB before I spotted some!


IMAG0517 IMAG0518

Because I’m stupid, I forgot to pack lunch so made do with two crunchy apples and my last tangerine.  I literally rolled this around under my foot for about 5 minutes before peeling and it came away from the skin so easily!  Unfortunately I caved mid afternoon and grabbed some chocolate honeycomb pieces from the charity box.  :(


After run club I returned home to a Pasta in Sauce pack Dan had put together and added the remaining chicken from the roast too.  I scooped the sauce left up on my plate with a white bread roll with butter on.


Feeling tired again tonight.  Looking forward to this weekend immensly!

Don’t forget to bet on my marathon finishing time!

Marathon fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support

So I have decided to sign up to Guess to Give.  This looks like a great little website for regular racers who would still like to do their bit for charity.

Two years ago, I ran a Race for Life in Norwich and asked people to sponsor me, raising over £150 for the first time in a sponsored event.


Last year, I ran Milton Keynes Marathon to raise money for Malawi Education Link, the charity that I was taking 20 year 11 students over to Africa for a month to work with.  Again, asking people to dig deep and sponsor me with their hard earned cash.  This time I raised nearly £500 and I was amazed and touched by how many people got interested in both the marathon and the charity work.

224 The local students listen intently as our students teach them

This year, I have again, signed up to run Milton Keynes marathon, followed by Shires and Spires 35 miles just four weeks later!  But this time, I’m not asking for a donation, I’m asking on a BET for a finishing time!  50p from each £3 bet placed goes into a jackpot.  £2.50 is donated to the charity, Macmillan Cancer Care.  The person with the time guess closest to the actual time it takes me to run the marathon on 6th May will win the jackpot!  :)  So get guessing!  Macmillan Cancer Care is obviously something personal to me at the moment, with my Mum having recently being diagnosed and going through chemo each week.  Macmillan have given her loads of help and advice and information to help with her decision making along the way in the very short time that she has known of her illness.  I would like to give a little something back now.