6 year anniversary

Does it make me sound like a child if I call it an anniversary?  When I first started at my current job I mentioned that we were going away for the weekend for our three year anniversary and somebody commented that they weren’t aware that I was married.  Of course I meant our three year anniversary of being together.  Is it still acceptable to call it anniversary as an adult if we’re not married?!

Anyway, we’ve been together six years as of March 28th 2013.  Hence why I didn’t blog yesterday, so I could see some of Dan.  Here’s a picture of us from six years ago…

Me and D old

We actually have a picture of the very first time we kissed, as we were both out with groups of friends when it happened and somebody took a picture of us and bluetoothed it to me afterwards.  This picture is saved on my old computer though and I’m too lazy to set it up right now.


Foodwise yesterday I grabbed a peanut butter bagel for breakfast and took some time cooking my remaining tofu in soy sauce before leaving for the last day of work before eighteen days off!  It was going to be a mega salad for lunch, including lots of tofu for the protein I’ve lacked lately.  Unfortunately I fancied munching on a bit of tofu when I first arrived at work and this happened…


:(  Luckily I resurrected most of the salad and ended up with this for lunch…


Some of my year 9 students were selling buns at lunch so I snacked one of this for a quick chocolate fix after my salad.  Definitely worth the 50p I paid to charity!


When I finally got out of work and home I spent some time chilling with Dan on the couch before getting ready for run club.  Running tonight was tough again.  We ran 6.46 miles in 1h 8mins, although I don’t ever stop my watch when we regroup or stop at crossings to get over the road.  Hovering my mouse over the pace graph I can see most of the time I was running at 8m30s min miles or quicker.  We had a different coach tonight, as Heather is off for the week.  This speed is tough going for me!  I am desperate to stay up in Group 4 and did mention to Rob the coach that it was at about the same time last year, when things started to get hectic at school with exams, marking and reports due, alongside training the long miles for my marathon that I struggled to stay up in group 4 and ultimately, after my marathon had to go back down to train with group 5.  I am determined that this will not happen this year.  A lot of the session was about choosing our own lamp-posts to either run at easy pace between or tempo pace or 5k pace.  The ‘easy pace’ we were running at tonight was approx 9mm.  Not easy at all!!!  I was at the back for most of tonight but determined not to give up and arrive back when the rest of the group did with some energy left for cool down exercises.  I achieved my mission and felt that I burnt off way more than the 817 calories my watch said I burnt off!

Dan cooked my favourite pizza tonight as an easy and quick meal for when I got back from club.  Pesto, mozzerella and roasted vegetables.


We also had two glasses of sparkling wine and erm…the whole box of these chocolates between us (eight each) to celebrate six years together.

IMG_6664 IMG_6663 IMG_6662

We don’t normally buy each other presents for our anniversary/valentines but I did buy The Long Way Round and The Long Way Down for both of us to watch.  (Dan loves Ewan McGregor and I’m starting to get a little crush too!)  So we watched The Long Way down with our wine and I fell asleep at about 9:40pm on the couch.  Dan woke me and we went up to bed about 10pm with the intention of a lie in  on Friday morning.  18 days off!  :)

6 thoughts on “6 year anniversary

    1. Thank-you! I like having an extra ‘us’ day to celebrate. Why do we have to be married to enjoy it?!
      I’m pretty sure I’m headed towards group six at the moment. :( Fingers crossed my energy returns soon because I am desperate for some shorter distance PBs this Summer!

  1. Our 6th anniversary is coming up soon and yes it counts! I call him my husband as well since we signed some papers making us officially common-law.
    After all, we went through so much together, he is my hubby!
    Congratulations, and hopefully you will find what is going on with you quickly

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