Rather late goals for 2013

…Yes, I know today is the 8th April but I thought this meant that it was definitely about time I set myself some goals for this year!

St Neots


Running is my number one love (Dan and Bella not included) and I could set a hundred goals for running!  I’ve chosen a variety here – running a type of race I am not used to, two are setting PBs and the last one is something I can work towards achieving on my own when I have a spare run day…

  1. Run my first trail Ultra-marathon
  2. Get a new half marathon PB (hopefully Sub 2hrs)
  3. Smash last years marathon time of 5h 6m 52s
  4. Run an 8 minute mile


My family and friends are my world and especially with Mum announcing her illness at the start of the year it has really made me think about spending time with the people that are so important to me…

  1. Continue to have a ‘date-night’ one night each week with Dan
  2. Visit my parents at least once every three weeks
  3. Write more letters/emails to friends I don’t see very often
  4. Spend less time worrying over keeping people happy that I am not really friendly with and learn to say no more often13082010482


I really enjoy teaching but am not very happy in my current job right now.  I have loved setting up my own blog and tracking my running/healthy living progress would also like to to try some new things this year…

  1. Schedule my time spent blogging/reading blogs so that I don’t overdo it (!)
  2. Find a job that I am happy in
  3. Try a new sport
  4. Clean at least one room in the house each week

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