Norfolk bound

Today the plan was to head back to Norfolk until Friday and spend time with Mum/my high school friends.  Dan is back at work and I needed to get away for a bit before returning to work next week.

I offered to take Mum to her chemo session this afternoon.  Initally I had planned to get up at 6 and head out for a 5/6 mile run before getting ready to head back but the underneath of my left foot felt really bruised after my 22 miler on Monday and then wood unloading yesterday.  I decided to give the run a miss and caught up with a few emails over breakfast instead.  Boring standard half blueberry wheats/half Jordan’s strawberry crunch with semi-skimmed milk.  I’m getting bored of typing this now!  Need to come up with something a little more exciting next week!


I ended up being a little later leaving than initially planned.  Mum’s appointment wasn’t until 1pm.  It takes two hours to get from mine to Mums and an hour an a half to get from hers to the hospital.  I left mine at 9am but received a call not long after leaving to say that Mum had been asked to go straight into the hospital then as her white blood count was extremely low from her last set of blood test results and they wanted to check that she could continue with the chemo today.  I offered to drive straight to the city hospital and meet her and Dad there but because she wasn’t sure how long they would be there for she asked me to head straight back to theirs and walk Blue for them.  Reluctantly I gave in and felt like a lost part most of the day.  I walked Blue for over an hour which he enjoyed at least.  I haven’t seen any primroses yet round where I live but there were loads down the lane where I walked Blue today.


I kept the fire going, caught up with a few more emails/work things and washed up for when Mum and Dad got back.  I felt pretty poopy that I couldn’t go and break Mum’s day up a little bit.  I received another call early afternoon to say that her white cell blood count was just high enough to have a chemo session today so they would be staying in a few more hours.  I relaxed a little and threw together a salad of items I found in the fridge…some lettuce, a tomato, half a green pepper, some mature cheddar and a slice of bread and butter.



I love the bread my Dad buys.  Proper bread straight from the bakery.  I could eat a whole loaf of this!  I followed my meal up with a Pink Lady apple.  I’ve really gotten back into my apple eating lately.


Blue kept me amused all afternoon by rolling around infront of the fire!


Mum and Dad returned about 6pm.  Dad threw together a quick meal for everyone.  I skipped the bacon the others had, but had beans and a fried egg on toast for dinner.


NEVER tell my Dad you fancy another slice of bread…


And after watching lots of You’ve Been Framed videos and Youtube clips with him in the lounge NEVER mention you’re still a little peckish!  Two double crackers with cheese…


I did turn down a Magnum icecream he offered me earlier on though.   My Dad is the worst at over-feeding!  And I find it really difficult to say no to him as he goes to so much effort and means so well.  I feel my choices foodwise are getting really good when I’m out but when I’m at mine or Mums I pick at food too much, through boredom mainly, not actual hunger or desire for the food.  I plan on setting myself some mini healthy living goals each week, starting this Friday to try and stay focused in areas I slip up and get annoyed at myself for.

It’s just gone midnight.  Made In Chelsea is on TV in the background while I’m blogging.  It’s rubbish!  Does anybody watch this?!  Bedtime!


Yesterday we had arranged for the woodman to come.  We have only ever had one previous wood delivery since living in this house and the hours upon hours of carting wood to the top of the garden made for a very sulky Dan.  Therefore I promised that next time we had a wood delivery I would make sure it was when he was working.  Stupid mistake!  I had forgotten just how long it takes to cart wood up the garden!

I started the day with a blueberry wheats/Jordan crunch half and half megamix with semi skimmed milk.


I then walked into town to grab some money for the woodman, where I bumped into Karen from club who is running the Exmoor marathon this weekend which is actually 27 miles and has a very hilly profile!  I wasn’t sure what time the woodman was coming so got to work tidying the bedroom and porchway while I waited.  It got pretty boring pretty quickly so I grabbed a lolly which was actually the lolly Dan was given when he performed as a clown when we visited the circus the other week!


I got a phone call at about 12:15 to say that the woodman was on his way and would be about 45 mins.  I wasn’t hungry but thought I’d better have something to keep me going and grabbed a tin of tomato soup with two slices of Hovis best of both.  I’ve been growing some parsley on my windowsill so chopped some up on top of my soup to make it look all pretty!


The woodman still hadn’t arrived so I used the time to empty the millions of cartons of contact lenses I have received in the last month (think there must have been some mistake on my order!) onto the couch ready to sort through.


1:35pm – the woodman arrived!

IMG_7080 IMG_7081
Now my mission began!  Not only do I have to get the wood from my drive all the way to the back of my garden, but when I get there, the wheelbarrow doesn’t fit through a gap in the fence which is infront of the woodshed so I have to dump the wood on my lawn, then throw through the gap and then pile in the woodshed the other side!  It was going to be a long afternoon…  :(

Bella didn’t care and stayed curled up on the couch all afternoon…


About half an hour into the wood loading I caught on to using the wheelie bin instead of the wheelbarrow to move my load.  Much more in each load!  The wheelie bin was my friend!  :)


…until I caught my hand on the wheel bar at the bottom whilst trying to tip it over 10 mins later…  :(  …the wheelie bin was no longer my friend.


One hour later…


Two hours later…


Two hours 35 mins later…front drive clear of wood…lawn full of wood!

IMAG0597 IMAG0598
Dan found me outside at 5:30 still hefting piles of wood into the woodshed.  By this point my back and arms were really aching and I had decided that a speed session at club where I killed myself trying to keep up with group four probably wasn’t what was best for me!  My legs were still a little achy from running 22 miles yesterday anyway and I figured my whole body had had a good workout from lifting, squatting, carrying and twisting all afternoon.  I carried on stacking wood until 6:20 (when I left Dan to finish up! :) ) and then headed in to make us both dinner.  I had been thinking about dinner for a while whilst stacking wood and I knew that there were both meatballs in the fridge and one remaining pack of pizza base mix in the cupboard.  There was still some tomato sauce left over from dinner the night before and I knew Dan wouldn’t use that while I was off to my parents for the rest of the week so I decided on some yummy calzones!  I had never discovered the wonder of the calzone before working at an Italian restaurant and have since only made one set of calzones to enjoy.  I intended on making Dan a BBQ meatball calzone and stuffing my calzone with all of the odd bits of veg still sat in the fridge…mushrooms, corn, tomatoes…mmm…!  Only when I got inside and rolled out the dough I realised that there wouldn’t be enough dough to make two calzones so had to settle on one pizza between us instead.  :(  The toppings didn’t go on my half and I ended up being lazy and putting chips in the oven to go with the half a pizza.  I don’t even like chips.  It was just easier than cooking chips for Dan and making a side salad for me.  Disappointed with myself but the pizza turned out quite well.


As I wasn’t at club tonight and Tuesdays are cheap cinema nights we decided to go and watch Jack the Giant Slayer after tea.  Ewan McGregor might have had a little to do with the appeal of this movie!  We’d seen a few trailers a while back and it was between this or The Croods.  Jack and Ewan won!  We went to see the 3D version, and as usual I regretted paying the extra amount for what I considered to be very few 3D effects.  I have yet to see a film where the balance is spot on.  Usually I either feel dizzy because too much 3D has been encorporated, or like the producer of the film forgot about the 3D element for 20 minutes so tried to make up for it in a scene, by using it in overload before forgetting about it all over again!  Other than the lack of 3D effects though I really enjoyed this film.  The basic concept of Jack and the Giant Beanstalk was there, but they used the idea of telling of the story over several years to adapt various concepts in the story which I liked.  Nicholas Hoult was great as Jack.  I knew I’d seen his face somewhere before and had to IMDB him to recognise him as Marcus from About a Boy eleven years ago!  I hadn’t realised Bill Nighy was in the film at all until the very end when the credits rolled up.  Although he was as a CGI giant!  The giants were animated very well.  Overall a 9/10.  Whenever I ask my classes to evaluate their work they always try to give it a mark out of 10 and here I am doing the same when reviewing a film!

When we arrived we found out it was Free Cone Day with Ben & Jerry’s at Odeon yesterday!  I had been tempted by getting a scoop of icecream anyway.  Dinner was filling but I needed something sweet to round off the meal.  My scoop was free (for a donation in the bucket).  Even better tasting froyo chocolate fudge brownie!