Friday Focus

So…each Friday evening I have decided I am going to set myself a focus for the coming week.  Yes, I am alternative and my week begins with my weekend!  I figure this way I’ll be more focused on my focus during my free time and it will hopefully help to keep me on track at the weekends.

These Friday Focuses will be to better me and to help me to live a healthier, happier life (or at least, that is the plan!)  They could be to do with food, exercise, time management or relationships, or any mixture of those categories.

My first Friday Focus is going to be: to stop eating when I am full.  Being back at my parents this week and choking down massive meals I realised how frequently I eat (maily when I am with others) when I am not even hungry.  This week I want to really focus on stopping when I am full and then if I still have remaining food on my plate leaving it to pick at later when I get peckish, or for lunch the following day.  I am worst at my parents or eating out, but often at home I accidentally make meals too large for just Dan and I, especially if I am testing out a new dish and aren’t 100% sure on the measurements yet.

So, to recap…Less sizes like this…


More sizes like this…!


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