Fun mail

Yesterday wan’t all depressing…I got two fun items in the mail…and I think a third of my unrun Oakley 20 hoodie is waiting for me at the post office!

Item # 1:


I put together a photo book using Blurb for my friend Amy whose wedding I went to a fortnight ago.  I wanted to do something nice for her and I didn’t know how long it would be until she got her official photographs back from the photographer so thought this would be a nice suprise for her in the mail.  I was hoping it would have returned by the time she got back from her honeymoon, but not quite unfortunately.

Item #2:


My Milton Keynes marathon number!  Eek!  Just 17 days to go now!  Almost there.  I’m in the Green start pen.  Is there anybody else running in Green?  I can’t remember what I put down as my expected finish time…Probably 4:45 ish…

I could have my strawberry crunch mix with my breakfast again after visiting Tescos last night.  Here is my nice early breakfast of strawberry crunch mix, the remaining pineapple chunks, remaining raspberries and some yoghurt in my bowl.  I added lots of the pineapple juice and raspberry juice to my bowl so that it wasn’t too dry.  Perfect!

IMG_7123Hopefully it’s set me up for a good day today…

THAT’S how much water I drink!

One of these…


And five of these…


Do you like my little tally going on in on the napkin?!  I ended up having two glasses before work, one after work before I left for running club, and two after my run. I would say that that was a pretty much average day.  Using a conversion website I worked out that I drank about 2.15 litres of water throughout the whole day yesterday, which is just over the daily recommended amount of 1.2 litres suggested on the NHS website.  I did go for an hours tough run in the evening though which would have increased my need for fluid intake.  It was quite interesting to see how much I drank over the course of the day.  I’d like to keep a tally next time I’m back at my Mum’s too, as I know I drink so much more when I am at hers.  This was all part of the Healthy sELF challenge over at  I’m enjoying the challenges so far.  They pop up as part of my day every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.  I am already thinking through my options for Saturday’s ‘Try a new workout’ challenge.


Driving home last night we drove into a rain storm.  I love it when you can see where it’s raining in the sky ahead of you, but it’s a nice day where you are.  This picture kinda doesn’t show it as well as actually being there, but you can still see up ahead where the rain is coming down hard!  Eventually we did drive into it and had the windscreen wipers on full blast to be able to see to get home.

I was looking forward to Running club last night.  Despite having had some awful runs this past week and still not knowing fully what has caused them, I had a non-bloated belly (always good before a run of any distance!) and our old coach Andy had returned on Tuesday who I know would push me, without making the session impossible for me to complete.

Andy ran with group 5 last night and we had Heather again, who announced that we wouldn’t be running quite as far as normal, or as fast as normal tonight.  Lots of people are tapering for London or various other marathons at the moment and several other groups had planned to do something similar.  She told us the route and we headed off.  However, because of tapering and various injuries, lots of the slower members of group 4 had moved into group 5 for the evening, and the same had happened with group 3 moving into our group.  The pace was not ‘slow and steady’ and at one point my watch clocked that we were running at 8:15 pace.  My 5k pace is only 8:39!!!

I really, really struggled.  Heather ran with me for a little while and tried to get me to concentrate on my breathing, but my breathing was fine.  It was my legs that wouldn’t keep up with the quicker pace.  I’d set out too fast to try and keep up with everybody which then meant that I had nothing left to continue.  Normally at major roads or after each mile lead runners turn back and ‘pick up’ the runners at the back so that nobody gets too far left behind, but tonight that didn’t happen and instead, they just stopped and waited for me to catch up before zooming off again.  Not only did this mean that I felt awful for holding everybody up but it also meant that they started running again as soon as I reached them; they had mini rest breaks whilst running…I never did!  After a couple of miles I really could no longer keep up and had several walking breaks.  Two of the lovely guys in my group took it in turns to run at the back with me where they held my pace and chatted along to me whilst I was running.  Turns out they were still achy after our Tuesday sprint session too.  That was a killer!  Looking at my stats now, the fastest pace of each mile last night was 7:26, 8:30, 7:49, 8:12, 7:38, 7:23.  This should have been a steady 9mm on a Thursday night with Group 4.  I was annoyed at myself for taking walk breaks but I truely could not keep up.

After stretching out with the group I grabbed my keys and got into the car.  I really just wanted to cry.  I’ve worked really hard on my running this year and I so don’t want to end up falling backwards after my marathon again.  :(

I had to go to Tescos to grab some shopping on the way home.  When I got inside though I realised that the edges of my vision had gone fuzzy and blurry – the way they do when you are about to pass out.  I didn’t think I was going to pass out as I didn’t have the ‘swimming pool hearing’ I tend to get beforehand, but it worried me that I couldn’t read the backs of packs in the Supermarket because of how speckled the edges of my vision had turned.  I have a doctors appointment on Monday.  I have actually been trying to get one for about 6 weeks now and I either can’t get one that fits around work or they move my appointment.  I shall bring up my latest fuzzy spell then.  The feeling didn’t actually go away until I went to bed three hours later, which was quite a long while to not be completely ‘right’ for.  I guess it was brought on from pushing too hard during the run?…

When I got back, I had already rung Dan to pre-warn him of how I was feeling.  He rushed out the car and collected all of the shopping for me and then made us some delicious British pancakes for tea.

IMG_7121 IMG_7120

I had three thin pancakes with a big heapful of raspberries in the middle.  They raspberries were quite sour so I did sprinkle a little caster sugar on my last pancake just to sweeten it up a little before bed.  I’m driving in to work on Friday rather than grabbing a lift so the plan is to go for a run after work and then we are going out for a meal with our friends Vick and Alex when Dan gets home from work.  I really hope my run is more successful…