All I needed was a bike ride…

…and I would have done all three elements of a tri today!

After Parkrun yesterday morning we headed home to grab some lunch and for me to catch up with my Women’s Running mag.

IMG_7130 IMG_7129
Lunch was a pepper, lettuce, tomato and cheese sandwich and it was nice and crunchy and fresh.  Just what I was craving after the morning run!

Dan had nipped down the road into town to grab some sandwich fillings for his sandwich and spotted our local sweet shop offering free sample size pots of Slushies.  We galloped back down into town and picked up a mini raspberry sample to enjoy in the sun.


Even though it was a small sample, it did do this…!


And then we headed to the pool.  We spent two hours in the pool and I got incredibly wrinkly!  I thought it was hilarious that in the pool there were signs for ‘No petting’ and big signs up about no puking or pooping in the pool as well!  Never seen a No Petting sign and laughed so much!

We did quite a bit of swimming to begin with but as the pool got busier it was difficult to swim properly so spent some time messing around.  Dan also helped me to improve my arm action when I swim.  I can swim long distances but I am an incredibly weak swimmer.  I tend to swim front crawl and have a massive right arm movement and then my left arm barely makes it out of the water…my little feeble arm!  And then I shake my legs backwards and forwards intermittently when I remember to!  The aim for yesterday was to improve my left arm movements and not worry too much about my legs.  With Dan’s coaching I felt much stronger by the end of the session.  We’ve both said that we really enjoyed it and need to head back again soon so hopefully I can practice some more and work on improving my leg action as my legs should be the strongest part of me!



Next on the list for our eventful, busy day was to the cinema to see The Croods.  This obviously came with a trip to the Ben & Jerry’s counter where I tried out the new Peanut Butter pieces flavour with my regular Chocolate Brownie FroYo.  I wasn’t a massive fan to be honest.  It had chocolate chunks in it and I hate chocolate chunks in icecream.  I like my chocolate to melt in my mouth!

I loved The Croods.  It was a great kids film and had some really funny bits in where the whole audience laughed out loud.

Afterwards we headed to Frankies for dinner.  Third meal out this week!  We never do this!  Honest!

I chose the prawn cocktail starter to come out as a main and had it with a side of herb potatoes.  (These came to the table a little late and I forgot to photograph them.)  I used to love these when I worked at Frankies and would have them as a side several times a week but the appeal really has faded since starting to eat a little healthier and I did not finish my bowl – leaving about half in the dish.  I forgot to mention, but I also failed to finish my sweet potato fries at the meal out on Friday night.  Dan reminded me of my Friday Focus and I stopped before the end of the dish.  This would have been a massive mind struggle for me last year.  I was always brought up to finish everything put in front of me no matter how full I was – and have been sick many a time because I have not listened to my body when it was screaming at me to stop.  I’m very proud that in three meals out this week I didn’t finish a single meal because I listened to my body and heard it telling me when it was full.


Dan has gotten a little addicted to garlic bread just lately so I also stole a couple of slices.  Frankies has the best garlic bread…some soft and doughy with a thin base.  Yum!


In the evening Dan settled down to watch Match of the Day and I headed upstairs to make up a new workout routine for my Healthy sELF challenge of the day: Try a New Workout.

I completed the following…

* 1 min jumping jacks
* 1 min crunches
* 1 min jump rope
* 1 min arms high up with weights and gradually lowered to either side of body (don’t know what these are called!)
* 1 min high knees
* 2x 30 secs plank
* 1 min heel flicks
* 1 min bicycle crunches

…and repeated this twice.  There was lots of banging going through my floor at about 10:30 at night.  I don’t think my neighbour was in (she works nights) but hope she is still happy to be my neighbour after my noisy efforts!

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