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I was really, really, REALLY looking forward to watching the London marathon coverage on the TV pretty much all day today.  Last year I ran 6 miles early on and then slobbed on the couch all day glued to the TV.  Same plan for today but instead of 6 easy miles, Maria had invited me to run 15 very HILLY miles with her this morning.  7.5 miles out and then back into town again.  The hills are dubbed ‘The Three Sisters’ and look like this…


I grabbed a bagel with peanut butter on before leaving and topped up a water bottle with water.


Maria has race times that are a little slower than me and was possibly too optimistic in the pace at the beginning, as we set out at a 10mm pace for the hills.  I was planning on 10:30-11mm and knew I would burn out as the course progressed and struggle to maintain the pace especially after completing the hills!  With a few walking breaks mainly prompted by Maria we still held about an 11mm pace throughout and the weather was lovely to run in.  Nice and warm with a cool breeze.  We set out at 6:30am and barely saw any traffic but there were several hot air balloons out in the sky on our way.  I got through a full bottle of water by the end of the 15 miles and could really have done with a gel or a little food or something towards the end of today’s session.  Those hills were tough and made me very greatful of the fact that Milton Keynes is incredibly flat!

Here’s us at the finish!


It was lovely having someone to run with this morning.  I’ve completed all of my long runs for marathon training on my own up until this point and it is so much nicer having someone to natter away to and distract you from the pain in your legs or head arguing with you to stop!

When I returned I grabbed a glass of ice cold semi-skimmed milk and a second (mini) breakfast which looks discusting but tasted lovely!  I had half of the remaining pineapple juice from my fruit tin I ate over breakfasts this week along with half of the remaining rasberry juice (this is why it turned that deep purple colour for the picture!) and several spoonfuls of low-fat yoghurt.  Trust me when I say it tasted nice, because I realise that it doesn’t at all in that photo!

IMG_7126  IMG_7133
I am now sat watching the TV in the lounge with my feet up after a quick stretch from my own session.  I am tracking 20 members of my club and friends on the online Virgin London marathon tracker.  It’s gotten really interactive this year.  Each of the people you are tracking appears as a mini runner and you can see where they all are on the course!  Love it!


Off to continue watching the coverage…

6 thoughts on “London marathon

  1. I love the marathon tracker- so clever! Took me a while to realise that as well as the times for 5k etc you could click and get the map of them running.
    I think running with someone else is great- I prefer to run on my own but I think having someone else there helps me speed up, and also means that the time passes quicker.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Time for iced tea!My Profile

    1. Yeah I think last year you just had to keep clicking individually on the people you were tracking and when they went over each 5k mat it would update with their time but this gave predicted finish times and showed where the runners were compared to each other as well which was really handy for updating the results on our club website this evening!
      I usually prefer running on my own but almost at the end of my training I did appreciate a bit of company today!

  2. Hey, I just ‘found’ your blog from a comment over at Laura’s (Keeping Healthy, Getting Stylish) – lovely to see another UK running blogger 😀 I also like your no-nonsense approach to running and exercise – I get caught up in a lot of fads and it’s great to see someone enjoying running without overthinking things and generally giving it their all.

    I had a look at the Ultra you’re running in Northants? It looks bloody amazing! I wish I could give it a go but I’m near Durham and I think the travel/actually finding it would be difficult…plus I’ve never run further than a marathon! I can’t wait for your race report on it – all of the Ultras up North seem to require navigation and that puts me off a lot, seeing as I can get lost in a cupboard :/

    I noticed you’re running the GNR this year too – you’ll love it! It’s such a great race and one of my favourites (I’ve done it the last three years). I would just say to really watch it at the start – I don’t know what wave you’re in but it’s a nightmare for people kicking/elbowing/tripping you and the crowds don’t really thin out much. I would try to hang on to a pacer if you’re going for a certain time but if not then just stay safe and enjoy yourself – the atmosphere is just fab 😀


    1. Hey, thanks for finding my blog out, commenting and complimenting! I know – there seems to be hardly any UK running blogs right? Although I keep finding more and adding to my bloglovin list!
      This will be my first ultra – having never run further than a marathon before either, but luckily a seasoned ultra runner from my running club has agreed to run it with me. He’s run it several times before and is going to take me out on part of the course after my marathon to show me the ‘important bits’ and where to go to make sure I don’t get lost! I don’t feel too nervous at the moment, but I’m sure the nerves will kick in after my marathon is over!
      Big thanks for the heads up on the start at GNR! I’m hoping to aim for a sub 2hr depending on how training goes over the Summer so will definitely take that advice about sticking with a pacer! And maybe wear some protective clothing if it’s going to get rough! :) I’m really looking forward to the atmosphere!

    1. Yep, it was definitely nice to run with someone today. The person I ran with is running the same marathon as me in a fortnight and it was nice to compare training notes and plans for the big day! Took my mind right off the run! :)

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