Weight gain…?

haven’t weighed myself in a few weeks.  I have tended to weigh myself each Monday morning and keep a record in a notepad for the past few years, just as a record for myself and to enable me to keep track and ensure things don’t get wildly out of control!  The last three Mondays we have been on school holiday, so I have either forgotten to weigh myself when first waking up due to the change in routine or not been at ours in order to jump on the scales.

To be honest I did feel a little disheartened this morning when I appeared to have gained 2lbs.  I don’t feel like I weigh any more than I did and I have been making a positive effort to make healthy food choices and to exercise often over recent weeks.  I wish I had kept a full track of my eating and exercise habits before adapting to a healthier way of living because they would be very interesting to compare now, and honestly I do feel bad about it, specially since I had to lose a few more pounds before visiting my plastic surgeon in boston, MA to schedule my surgery.

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I don’t want to dwell on the weight gain or obsess over it.  It’s important that I am feeling healthy right now.  It is just two weeks (today!) until I run MK Marathon and I need to be in tip-top shape for that!

There’s an article somewhere (I think Runner’s World?…) about how many seconds/minutes you can expect to shave off your time for various races if you lose a few excess pounds.  I’m not sure how much truth is in it to the second, but obviously, with less excess weight to carry you are ensuring your body does not have any unnecessary stress put onto it and your body can be more efficient at the job you are asking it to carry out.

I shall continue to make what I consider to be healthier choices and to do some form of exercise at least six days a week and then review my weight after the marathon to see if I need to reassess my lifestyle again.

This morning started off with a bit of a bang when I woke Dan with a loud scream after finding that I was sharing my shower with a rather large spider!  Spiders are the one beast I cannot cope with and majorly freak out if I think I was even ever close to one!  So at 5:45am Dan came and removed said spider from the bath before returning to bed!


I mixed the rest of my low-fat yoghurt (about two tablespoonfuls) with the rest of my pineapple and rasberry juices (about four tablespoonfuls) and then added a portion of Tesco strawberry crunch cereal for breakfast.  I know the purple colouring looks odd, but it really does taste nice and I’ll definitely miss it now it’s gone!

London marathon cont…

So yesterday I spent most of the morning/early afternoon watching the London marathon on TV and tracking 19 club runners and one friend on their online interactive tracking system.

Initially, my aim had been to go down to the London expo on the Friday after school and stay overnight with friends in London.  Later on I had toyed with volunteering for a charity aid station as well on the actual marathon day.  I ended up giving up on both of these ideas towards the end of the Easter holidays when I knew I would be busy with my first week back at school and fitting in training for my own upcoming marathon in just a fortnight’s time.

I was still really excited to watch it on TV though!

To begin with I felt really, really drowsy, with my head rocking whilst lying on the couch.  I’d gotten up at 5:45am and completed a 15 mile tough run!  Dan brought down my glasses and I removed my contacts incase I ended up falling asleep but knew I would be so cross with myself if I did!  When the elites shot off I jumped upright and was glued to the screen until the coverage finished 5.5 hours later!

I only caught glimpses of a few of our club members.  We run in a bright green vest so we’re relatively easy to spot.  Last year I think I spotted everyone in the coverage at some point or another!

A 30 second silence was held before the masses start in respect for Boston last weekend.  £2 for each runner was also donated to the Boston Bombings fund. London appeared to run without hitch.  Other than the crash between Josh Cassidy (wheelchair racer) and Tiki Gelana (female elite) about 15k into the race at the aid station.  I’ve found a clip on Youtube here…

There was also a lot of controversy about Mo Farah running the London marathon.  He never intended on running the marathon, but always to use it as a training experience ready for London 2014 next year.  Instead he pulled out just before the half marathon point.  Allegedly he was also running late and had to run to get there on time?!…

I would LOVE to get into London.  I’ve heard horror stories of people waiting eight years for a place…although equally just as many of non-runners who apply on a whim after a night of heavy drinking and get in first time!  I shall be up bright and early next Monday morning to enter the ballot.  With entries closing at 100,000 (usually within 24 hours) and only 36,000 of those that entered getting a place (just 20,000 of those directly through a ballot place), I think 2014 will more than likely be Milton Keynes Take 3!

Because I couldn’t bear to leave the TV despite actually getting very hungry, my amazing boyfriend made a stir in milk and water sauce pasta dish and brought it to my couch for lunch!


And then I made him a sausage casserole for tea…1 potato, half a carrot, 2 sausages and four cheese dumplings each.  Nice and warming from the inside out!  :)