How much sugar do I eat in a day?

Monday’s Healthy sELF challenge was to track the amount of sugar eaten throughout the day.  Here are my approximate trackings on my meals…These are approximate as I didn’t weigh any of my food and all sugar content details came from the Tesco website.


One portion of Tesco Special Flakes with Red Berries (6g sugar), two tablespoons of low-fat yoghurt (7.2g sugar) and a splash of pineapple and raspberry juice (4g)

TOTAL: 17.2g sugarIMG_7136


One granny smith apple (16g sugar)




A carrot (5.9g sugar), lettuce (2g sugar), one tomato (2.5g sugar), 12 grapes (12g sugar), one matchbox size piece of mild cheddar (0.1g sugar), half an orange pepper (3.1g sugar) and half a pot of houmous (0.6g sugar) One slice of chocolate fudge cake (23g sugar)

TOTAL: 49.2g sugar


One half of a french stick (9g sugar) with Utterly Butterly (minimal sugar) and two sausages (0.3g sugar) with a squirt of tomato ketchup (4g sugar)

TOTAL: 13.3g sugar



I found it quite interesting how much sugar there actually is in the fruit and vegetables I eat.  The apple I ate as a snack contained sixteen grams of sugar!  I had cake in the middle of the day which isn’t a frequent occurance but I was amazed to see that this contained 23g of sugar, not a huge amount more than the apple I consumed!  Stupidly I was surprised by how little sugar was contained in my sources of protein – both the cheese at lunchtime and the sausages for my dinner had hardly any sugar content, although they would have been high on the fat and protein had I been tracking either of these food types and it would be interesting to do this on another day in the future.

I found it difficult to find an exact guideline of sugar which I should be consuming per day.  The Tesco nutrition labels worked on a percentage to 100 grams of sugar but I found several varying guideline amounts on different websites.  This website panicked me a little when it started off by saying “40 grams is the maximum amount recommended…” Although on further reading, it was referring to added sugar and later on in the article also suggested that up to 100 grams a day was an appropriate amount, as long as no more than 40 grams came from added sugar.

I’m not going to change my eating habits as I feel that I do not consume excess sugar in my diet currently.  This was really interesting to look at though and I would also like to track the amount of protein/fat in my daily diet at some point and return to my sugar in about a years time to see if anything has changed.

Has anyone else tracked their sugar content before?  Were you surprised at the findings?…

11 thoughts on “How much sugar do I eat in a day?

  1. Sugar can add up so quickly! I know a lot of sources are quite misleading on how much sugar you should have in a day, with a lot of companies stating 90-100g a day, which is a number they’ve basically pulled out of there arse and has a lot of room for people to eat a lot of sugar and think they are doing okay, and basically is a great way of selling their products as they sell them as being low sugar when they are not. Often people don’t realise how much sugar there is in fruit, which is why I try and not have more than 3 pieces of fruit a day as that usually covers all of my daily allowence, and then I eat 5-8 portions of veg so I’m getting all the nutrients I need!
    Ffion (Chocolate and Raspberries) recently posted…Weekly WorkoutsMy Profile

    1. I think I definitely need to keep a check on my fruit intake with that much sugar involved! I’m big on both fruit and sugar. Although some days I find I’m struggling to get any in, other days I will have had lots of fruit for breakfast, for my snack, as part of my lunch and as dessert in the evening! 3 pieces a day sounds about right for me too I think.

  2. I definitely think this is interesting, I knew that fruit has a lot of sugar but I do think its important to remember its a lot better than the sugar you get in a chocolate bar! Like Ffion I try and make sure I don’t go too fruit crazy but I do find that difficult at times!

    1. Definitely better than a chocolate bar’s sugar! Chocolate always makes me feel pretty sluggish afterwards, whereas I find an apple gives me energy to actually get up and get things done! I think I will find it pretty hard to not go fruit crazy too! Especially at times I put together a fruit salad for breakfasts…

  3. The thing to remember with sugar is that these are all different sources of sugar, fruit sugar and milk sugars are not the same and both are naturally found in these foods. It’s the added sugars you want to be aware of. Given I’m sure your yogurt has some fruit flavorings added with extra sugar, but I think you catch my drift! That apple sugar is going to take you further than cake sugar and your body is going to use it better!!
    Brittany recently posted…Dirty Good TimesMy Profile

  4. I find it interesting, but I think looking at the macronutrients is not always beneficial- if you start just looking at calories/ fa/ sugar you forget about all the other benefits of fresh food- for example you would be far better off having 16g of sugar from an apple, than 0g of sugar from a diet coke filled with awful additives, as with the apple you get some fibre, vitamins and nutrients. I think some people have started to see fruit as an evil because it contains a lot of sugar, but it also contains a lot of other good things. I also think that the different types of sugars are not often understood- as someone has said already the body would much prefer the sugar in the apple than the processed sugar in the cake (and even if something is low sugar it does not mean it is healthy anyway…). Interesting, but take with a pinch of salt (to balance out the sweetness…)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Back to baking!My Profile

    1. Definitely taken with a pinch of salt! :) I like that!
      Although I was surprised at just how much sugar the fruit contained, in a way I thought it was quite good that I wasn’t aware how much sugar there was. If more people were fully aware, I am sure there would be several people who ended up not eating as much fruit throughout the day and would replace it with items less good for their body. My body definitely preferred that apple and I won’t stop feeding them to it!

    1. Fruit is a better culprit than bags of chocolate though! :) It was really interesting to do for a day. I definitely recommend giving it a go one time.

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