What a morning!


I was so disorientated this morning.  I woke up about an hour later than normal (6:30ish) so as not to sit thinking about the hungry noises my stomach was making from lack of food and headed through to the bathroom to go to the toilet.  In a daze I went to pick up my glasses but my vision was all blurry when I put them on so I removed them and scrubbed them down with the underneath of my dressing gown.  When I placed them back on my vision was still all blurry so I gave them another scrub.  Still blurry.  Confused, I headed back to the bedroom to see if Dan would clean them for me whilst I put my contacts in.  I couldn’t understand how they could have gotten so blurry that I could barely see through them!  I opened my contact pot and fished around for my left contact with my index finger.  It was missing.  Cue panic!…Cue realisation that I actually fell asleep with my contacts still in my eyes last night!  Oops!  I’ve fallen asleep several times in my contacts before, but always been aware of doing so.  Last night I just literally forgot to take them out before bed!

This morning I had to drive into work rather than grab a lift with Dan as I had to go to the doctors to have a blood test done at 8:10am.

I pre-packed my breakfast, desperately wanting to lick the knife of peanut butter after spreading it on my bagel.  I packed up a little chunk of cheese as well for a treat as I hadn’t been able to eat since 10pm last night.


Both parts of my breakfast were wrapped up in tin foil and I headed out to the doctors.  I was let in relatively quickly and let the nurse know that I has prone to collapsing at times.  She was very gruff with me and barked that I should have mentioned beforehand because she only had 5 minutes between patients and if I started to feel unwell it wouldn’t give her enough time to finish before the next patient was due in.  She directed me to the bed rather than the chair and I lay down.  After FIVE attempts at pulling blood from my arm she thrust my blood request form at me and told me that she couldn’t do it and that I would have to take it to the nearest medical centre (about a 15 min drive away) where they had more time and better needles!  I fled out to my car and burst into tears.  I was really hungry by this point, pretty tired and knew that I would now be late for school and put pressure onto the cover staff to cover my lesson.  (It was my last lesson before the carousel change with a lovely year 9 class)  I was angry that I had been given up on as well.

When I arrived at the medical centre I pulled a raffle ticket from the machine, waited about 5 mins for a slot and was in and out within a matter of 4 minutes!  Such an easier service.  I know we get our health care for free in the UK but I still think there’s much to be improved upon!  I’ve had several similar experiences at this doctors.  How easy is it to change your surgery does anyone know?…

I ate my cheese and bagel in the medical centre car park when I returned to my car and with all the stress of the morning I ate my salad sandwich at breaktime.  It was a lettuce, cheese and green pepper one today!  I think I prefer the red and orange peppers but this was still heaven in a sandwich!  I did manage to keep my apple for my snack in the afternoon but I really couldn’t concentrate at work today and felt pretty sleepy all day.


8 thoughts on “What a morning!

  1. Oh that is awful- I suppose anyone can have a bad day though and you never know what has happened in the nurse’s personal life etc. Not nice for you at all. I think those walk in centres are not publicised enough- once I needed antibiotics over the weekend (my surgery was closed) so in the end I phoned up one, they faxed a prescription to the nearest pharmacy and I went to collect it- so simple.
    To change surgeries you just go to the new one, sign up, and then they send the request forms over to your old surgery to get your paperwork.
    I think our NHS is fantastic (have you ever watched Sicko by Michael Moore? Eye opening and shows how awful care can be in a lot of the developed world)- but it still has downfalls. I always faint when the needle is taken back out, and last year before my op when I was having pre-op things (and also when I was in hospital) I had tears a few times as I was so worried about the needles and other things, and all the nurses were so sympathetic towards me (and I felt so embarrassed!). At least it’s nearly the weekend!
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    1. I’ve not seen Sicko, but I’ve really enjoyed Michael Moore’s other documentaries, and own a couple of them. This will be on my to-watch list then! Thanks for the recommendation. :)
      Now I know where my walk-in centre is I shall be making a return next time. I’m the same with fainting! I tend to faint when I don’t feel in control, so people putting needles in my arm has been one of my common times in the past, but I also always faint at the opticians. When they get really close to my face and look into my eyes! I don’t like anyone invading my personal space like that and not being able to escape from it. For some reason my body things it’s best in these situations to pass out!

      I agree, some nurses have been absolutely fantastic with me over various times, and I always feel like such a big wimp when I have to ask to lie down!

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