Marathon podcasts

I’m really annoyed with myself because I just cut the pictures of my tea direct from my camera and then never pasted them before turning the camera off, so I lost them forever.  :(  They’re not even in my Recycle Bin to restore AND I experimented and made a new meal tonight!

Anyway…my weekend began super early today.  At 3:30 I was out those school gates and was in my car by 3:33, ready to head home.  I hang around at school all week and have never left this early before.  It was lovely!


The plan tonight was to run 6-7 miles and then to repeat the same 6-7 first thing tomorrow morning.  Initially I was going to repeat the same 9-10 miles but thought that might be a little too much the week before my marathon even with an Ultra lined up in five weeks time!

As I was typing up my earlier blog post I caught sight of my iPod in the TV cabinet.  Since I have been a ‘runner’ (since joining the running club!) I have never run with my iPod, but before joining the club, when I used to head out for the odd 30 min jog here and there I used to use my iPod all the time.  Dan boght it for me about five years ago with the intention of me using it to keep up with my music while out and about, but I tended to download Scott Mills podcasts from Radio 1 back in the days when he still had the tea-time show and have a proper laugh the whole way round my run.IMG_7167

I decided that I was in the mood for some podcast listening today and hunted out some Marathon podcasts instead whilst my iPod was charging.  (It must literally have been years since I last used it!)  I ended up listening to the first episode of a podcast called Marathon Talk which is now really popular and has had over a million downloads!  The first episode contained an interview with Liz Yelling, among other things and I found it really interesting listening to how she coped with not being able to run for 8 months when her pregnancy didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped and about her peak milage weeks.  I wonder how long it would take me to run 119 miles each week?!

I usually prefer to run with my thoughts, but I have driven in to school four times this week rather than grab a lift with Dan and I would prefer somebody else’s thoughts to listen to now!  It’s not often Tonight I barely thought about my running, – it was nice just to pootle round and have something else to concentrate on for a change.  I ended up running 6.9 miles, and changed my original route from a road track to one which encorporated lots of different small windy tracks that headed off of the big track by the lakes.  I didn’t want to have to worry about traffic tonight and to be able to zone out as I wanted to, and managed to succeed at this several times!


Check out my summer-freckly arm!  Obviously my pace wasn’t 23:52mm…this was me stood relatively still trying to take a picture of my Garmin after my run!  Mile splits were; 10:59, 10:38, 10:23, 10:31, 10:22, 10:39, 10:03.  This included making my way through four open and shut gates, retying my hair and starting Marathon Talk podcast #2 at some point.  I’m a believer in letting my watch run strong!  So I probably hit about a 10mm average or just under tonight.  And, even better…I loved my run tonight and my iPod shall make more of an appearance in future easy going runs.  :)

Tea, was amazing.  But there is no photographic evidence anymore.  :(  I chopped up one courgette, one carrot, one small potato and half of a green pepper and roasted them all for about an hour, adding some salt for flavour.  Then I lay them out onto a plate and melted some brie over the top of the veggies.  Lastly, I heated up some tomato based pasta sauce and lightly coated the vegetables in this.  All tomato sauce was mopped up with a delicious bread roll and left me wanting to repeat this meal sometime soon!

Friday Focus – this week was to not look at my Garmin during runs as I had been struggling with keeping pace which was stressing me out.  Despite not really mentioning it on the blog this week I have barely glanced at my watch other than a couple of times during yesterdays painful run – purely to check how much more suffering was going to occur!  I even avoided checking my watch whilst running the Parkrun last Saturday morning to get a much better time than I was expecting!

Friday Focus for this week is going to be to photograph and log absolutely everything I eat.  I’ve gotten into a bad habit lately of eating half a biscuit before heading to bed, or snatching a spoonful of whatever I am cooking for tea and rather than sticking to the three meals and two snacks that I know is good for me I end up grazing on much more than I should.  If I photograph everything for a week it will go one of two ways…either
1) I will be too lazy to photograph all items so I just won’t pick as much anyway… or
2) I will be mortified at how much I have consumed through grazing and resolve to change my unhealthy ways once and for all!

Bella always wins

When we got home from the cinema last night, Bella came running to the front door to see us and then straight to the back door.  She meowed and meowed and placed her front feet up by the door handle, desperate to head outside.  Dan was insistent that it was 10:30pm, we were about to head to bed and Bella needed to come inside before we headed upstairs.  I just wanted my kitty to be happy so let her out anyway.  She had a lot of pent up energy and spun round and round the garden chasing moths for several minutes.  Dan decided that she’d been out long enough and stormed out to go and collect her with the torch.  Her stormed to the top of the garden and Bella shot back towards the house.  He stormed after her and she flitted back to the top of the garden.  This was such a fun game!

He then tried pouncing on her, which was obviously even more of a fun game, and Bella let him get just a little closer each time before leaping out of his way and dashing back to the other end of the garden.  Dan was getting angry with her by this point and ignoring my instructions on how to get her in and headed inside.  I sat down on one of the garden benches and checked some blogs on my phone, purposfully ignoring her.  After 3-4 minutes she started to get bored and came to see what I was doing – she started rubbing around my legs.  Dan saw from inside and shot out, making her jump and sending her off into our next-door-neighbour’s garden.  She was long gone when Dan made his case of not letting her out at night – trying to tell me that he would wake up to her meowing and scratching at the door at a silly hour of the morning.

I knew this wouldn’t be the case, and at 4am this morning, when I heard Bella meow I padded downstairs, let her in and gave her a fuss before heading back to bed.  Dan was none the wiser!

Here’s my butter-wouldn’t-melt kitty enjoying the sunshine this afternoon!…


When I woke up the second time (6am-ish) I made myself a bowl of half blueberry wheats/half strawberry crunch cereal with semi-skimmed milk.  I had meant to get some fruit out of the freezer last night to add to my breakfast but had completely forgotten in the Bella-saga of the night before!


Before work I double checked that it wasn’t my turn for treats this morning.  It wasn’t.  It was Mike, one of the business studies teachers.  I almost packed an emergency lunch incase I couldn’t get to treats or Mike forgot to bring them in.  It has only happened once that somebody has forgotten it was their turn for treats, but this means hunger for the rest of us who don’t have lunch on a Friday, but use the Treats as an early lunch.

Today, Mike forgot treats!  Luckily, I still have a few emergency tangerines and Graze boxes in my office so grabbed one of each for an afternoon snack later on.

IMAG0701 IMAG0702

I didn’t feel very hungry though anyway.  I think perhaps my breakfasts are too large in the morning as I haven’t had much of an appetite just lately, especially in the afternoon and running when I get home from work has caused problems with my belly and cramps.  Next week I shall eat out of my smaller bowls and have a little less in the mornings to try and resolve the issue.

Rubbing shorts

My shorts have never rubbed before.  The only running clothes items that have ever rubbed are my old sports bra if I left it on too long after returning from a run and the club vest if I wear it with nothing underneath.  Then it tends to rub just underneath the arms, but put a t-shirt under there and I’ve had no problems.

Yesterday, to add to the day I was already having, my shorts that I’d never had a problem with before decided to rub!

By mile 3 I ended up walking with my legs slightly out at the top, away from each other to limit the rubbing as much as possible.  By mile 4 I needed the toilet quite badly and so again, I had to adapt the way I walked further and must have looked ridiculous walking the last 0.7 miles home.  I always find that when in a situation that results in me walking I end up pretending to limp, so passers by don’t judge me for no longer running!

I had planned in advance on not going to club last night.  I lost my confidence a little after last Thursday when I ended up being left a long way behind the group with very little energy to keep up with the 8:20 pace for the seven miles.  With the marathon in just 11 days I didn’t want the extra pressure so have decided that this Thursday I would train on my own, and next week I will run with the group below me and then build my confidence and speed back up again after the marathon.

As we missed out on our Wednesday date night and last night was the release date of Iron Man 3 Dan and I decided to head to the cinema after my run.  Dan had actually booked the tickets earlier in the day.  I wasn’t at all hungry and ended up without tea last night, but Dan did convince me to pick at some of the Pic ‘n’ Mix sweets he bought for the showing.  When we share Pic ‘n’ Mix, Dan always tends to go for the sours or chewies and I go for the chocolate based ones.  The mini toffee crisps and white mice are my favourites!

IMAG0700 IMAG0699

I loved Iron Man 3!  A really good film, especially for a third film in a series.  Before the film we saw loads of trailers for films about to come out that we want to go and see.  Dan is desperate to watch the new Star Trek and I’m looking forward to seeing Man of Steel.  One of Dan’s friends worked on the 3D scenes of Epic and this is another film we both really want to go and see.  We also both quite liked the look of After Earth, the new Will Smith film, although the trailer was the first we’d heard anything abobut the movie.

Yesterday, one of my year 11s stayed after school to complete some extra credit work as he is desperate to go and see Iron Man 3 at the cinema next week.  As rewards for outstanding or extra work our year 10s and 11s complete, our students receive Golden Tickets.  For five Golden Tickets, they can trade for a cinema voucher, and David just needed one more to go so I found some extra work he could complete for me.  I really love my year 11 class, even though at times I can get fed up of them.  They are all really into their films and music and it’s nice to be able to chat directors and bands on a Thursday afternoon whilst they are completing their work!