VLM ballot entry


I’ve made my entry into this year’s London ballot…have you?…  If not, head over there now as there are only limited places in the ballot, as well as being limited places in the actual race itself!


The Good For Age entries have changed this year as well.  For a Senior Female like me it used to be you had to have raced a marathon in Sub 3:50 to gain a GFA place.  This year it has changed to Sub 3:45.  Five minutes is a lot of difference.  The Sub 3:50 was my goal for one day (…well into the future!!!).  It still is and I know that I could do it one day with a lot of hard work and training and fully sticking to a plan.  I won’t be ‘racing’ as such at MK marathon next Monday as my Ultra is coming up not long after and I want to save myself a little for that.  I will however be racing the GNR in September and an Autumn marathon (tbc, possibly Mablethorpe) in October later this year with the aim of a Sub 4:30.  Training hard all winter should hopefully take me to Sub 4:15 in Spring 2014 and I shall see where I go from there…

Facebook reminded me this morning that today is exactly one year since I became a marathoner!  You can read all about my first marathon here

Yesterday afternoon I headed out for a 6.3 mile run round the lakes.  It was a little windier than when I went out on Friday night, but I took my iPod along and listened to Marathon Talk episode #2 and enjoyed this run just as much!  Mile splits: 10:43 (inc warmup), 10:20, 10:10, 9:46, 11:13 (four gates and a road crossing!), 10:17 and 9:55.  Overall quicker than Friday night without meaning to be and also after having run my 5k in the morning.  Still not 10k race pace (my 10k PB is 58m 35s but I’ve not raced a 10k since Oct 2011, about six months after I first started running).  I would like to bring my speed up over the Summer season of shorter races and get some shorter distance PBs before concentrating on training for the half and marathon in the Autumn.

Tea last night was a pizza.  Vegetarian.  It had pesto on it.  Therefore, it was the best pizza ever!  Dan wasn’t hungry (probably due to not getting up until midday) so I dined on my own last night.