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pipLindsay is hosting a Pin It Party over at The Lean Green Bean today.  The idea is that each blogger taking part writes a post containing images and links to five of their favourite posts from their blog which they would like to see on Pinterest.  Each poster then visits at least three other blogger posts and pins some of their favourites to their own Pinterest boards.

If you want to take part, click on the flower to the left and follow the instructions at TLGB.  Links to all participating bloggers are at the bottom of Lindsay’s post.

Here are the five posts I am sharing…

#1. Parkrun tips


Still not really sure what how the whole Parkrun thing works?  Parkruns have become more and more popular over the past few years.  Check out my guide to help you suss out how best to attend and take part at one of this fabulous 5k events, now all over the world.


#2. Why I love running with a running club

wilrwarcStill running on your own and unsure about taking the big leap into the world of the running club?  Have a read here about why I love mine so much.


#3. Live to run or Run to live?…


Which do you find yourself doing?  Running because that is all you can think about from the minute you wake up until the minute you fall asleep?  Or running because you like to eat cake?!


#4. Setting SMART running targets


Not sure where what direction to head in next with your running?  Whatever you decide, make sure you set some SMART running goals to help you achieve the best you can.






#5. Packing for a marathon

marathon packing

First big marathon?  Not sure what to take for the day?  Check out what I’m taking for my marathon #2.  Having already competed in nearly 50 races since becoming a runner in 2011, and with this being my second marathon I now feel that I have a fair idea of what I need to take with me on the big day!

Packing for marathon #2

I have done this before but I wanted to make sure that I really didn’t forget anything at all whatsoever for my race on Monday so have started planning what to pack for Milton Keynes Marathon today…with four days still to go!  I thought I’d list everything on here in case it helps anybody else who is perhaps running their first marathon and unsure what to take.

marathon packing

1. Satnav/map – and one that works!  You want to arrive at the right starting point!
2. Race pack – contains all the vital info you will need for the morning of the race.
3. Bin bag – this will keep you warm if you are standing on the starting line for a long while before the gun.
4. Vaseline – to prevent chaffing!
5. Suncream – especially if it’s a summer race.
6. Loo roll – Portaloos are horrible.  Road race portaloos are a million times worse!


7. Race bib – Your result won’t be recorded without one!
8. Garmin – To keep track on your pace and ensure you are on target for your goal time.
9. iPod – Especially if it’s a smaller marathon with not very many supporters.
10. Running socks – To prevent blisters.
11. Camera – Either a mini one for yourself to pop into your belt/pack or one to pass over to your spectators.
12. Trainers – Unless you fancy running 26.2miles barefoot?!
13. Safety pins x4 – To hold your number in place.  Any less than four and you will be annoyed after 2.2 miles!
14. Phone – In case you can’t find your friends after the race.
15. Energy drink – To keep you going until you hit an aid station.
16. Gels/jelly beans, etc – To provide that extra boost of energy in the race.
17. Race belt – To hold as many of these items as possible during the race.
18. Pace band – So that you can judge if you are on track or not to hit a goal time.
19. Sports bra – To keep the girls in place!
20. Shorts – In case it’s hot.
21. Running tights – In case it’s cold!
22. Long-sleeved tee – In case it’s cold.
23. Short-sleeved tee – In case it’s hot!
24. Support!  –  ESSENTIAL!!!
25. Timing chip – You won’t receive an official finishing time without it for most long distance races.
26. Hat – To keep the sun off of your face.
27. Sunglasses – To keep the sun out of your eyes.


28. Money – Races tend to have plenty of stalls around to tempt you to purchase running goodies.
29. Hoodie – To keep warm after your race body temperature drops.
30. Jeans – To keep your legs warm.
31. Comfy trainers – Or even flip flops.  Give your feet a break now!
32. Fresh socks, pants and bra – Because the old ones will be smelly and sweaty!
33. Towel – You probably worked up a bit of a sweat at some point on the course!
34. Deodorant – To help with the smell!
35. Sandwich or chocolate – For a quick boost until you can grab a full meal.
36. Spare set of house keys – In case you were separated from your partner/house key holder.
37. Plasters – Just on the off-chance you did get some blisters on the way round that course.

Have I missed anything out?…

Sticking to a fitness plan is more difficult than I thought!


Day Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner Exercise
Wednesday Yoghurt, fruit and cinnamon Carrot sticks and almond butter None Vegetarian pizza and eton mess (heading out for a birthday meal with some girls from work) 5 miles before school

I’ve mainly stuck to the food side of things just fine, but the fitness side of the plan hasn’t exactly gone to plan!

BREAKFAST:  Yoghurt, a tin of mandarin pieces and a little cinnamon (I wasn’t a big fan of the cinnamon!)


LUNCH:  As I accidentally ate the carrot sticks yesterday I went for the Graze boxes I should have had for yesterday’s lunch.  Although all delicious, they did not fill me up today.

IMAG0728 IMAG0729
SNACKS:  Another Graze box, early afternoon.


DINNER:  For dinner I headed to The Brampton Mill with three friends that I started school as other NQTs with.  It was Helen’s 30th birthday so went and sat outside and celebrated with a nice meal and a good gossip whilst looking at views like this…!


Dinner was the planned Rustica pizza (vegetables and goats cheese) although they have not yet started making their summer dessert of Eton Mess (my favourite!) so I ended up with the brownie.  There was no regrets and at least it did have one strawberry on the side!


EXERCISE:  I was supposed to run 5 miles in the morning before school.  I was pretty tired and decided when I first woke that I deserved to lay in until 6am and that I would run after meeting my friends in the evening.  I am normally home again by 7:30pm which would have made this possible.  However, lots has happened since we last all met together – including marriage, baby talk and new jobs so it was actually closer to 9:30 by the time I returned home!

My big concern just lately is lunches.  Before starting this blog I used to skip lunch completely and work right through the 30 min break we get at school.  Now I do set aside 10-15 mins to have lunch at work but I struggle to know just what to have.  I do really enjoy my salads but over the past few weeks have discovered that my stomach doesn’t agree with a larger lunch or salad items when I will be running at 6:30 in the evening.  I know it’s not healthy to skip it completely, and I don’t want to have lunches of just carrot sticks or Graze boxes but I also want to be able to run later on in the day as well.  What lunches would work best for this?…