Today has mostly been…

1) …checking the weather for Monday…


…at the moment this is looking much better than the 20 degrees with no cloud that it was the last time I checked…!

2) …learning how to use Twitter.  I’m an ICT teacher.  Surely I should just know!  Thankfully, Cori@Olivetorun is absolutely fantastic and sent me an email answering all my questions tonight. Actually, within an hour of receiving my jumbled list of questions!  Now I know just what to use the # for!  :)


Go ahead – FOLLOW ME!


And a million other items that I felt like I needed to catch up on as I was home alone (Dan’s at a uni reunion) and unable to go running.  [CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE]


3) …watching the Eastenders Omnibus.  I keep forgetting to watch it during the week and end up trying to get through five episodes at once each weekend before iPlayer no longer lets you catch up.

4) Yes, I was reading an article called ‘Why Do I have to Poop?‘!!!  It was retweeted by MarathonTalk (See, I CAN use Twitter now!) and caught my eye with the title ‘Why the Gingerbread Man sometimes comes to visit’…It also made me rethink my choice of baked beans for breakfast!

5) …playing with the CSS for ahealthiermoo…got a little further…still a long way to go until I’m happy though!

6) …updating my running club website with exciting events like this…


I also…

7) …went for a walk in the park and finally got some pictures of The Gully


…although I still don’t think the pictures quite describe just how tough these run sessions are!

8) and supervised Bella with her new boyfriend…


This stray has been hanging around for ages.  Dan and I named him Smoke.  Today he decided to come into the house and hunt out Bella’s food.  Bella looked on, horrified!

Tomorrow I’m off to Manchester for a Segway experience as part of a hendo.  (I’m skipping the alcohol and night out in favour of my marathon on Monday)

What do you do in the final days of your taper to keep busy?…

Running with the boyfriend

The Plan:

Day Breakfast Lunch Snacks Dinner Exercise
Friday Fruit, yoghurt and cinnamon *Treats* (my turn so I shall make them as healthy as possible) Grapes Remainder of pasta bake with roasted veg 5k before school. 30 Day Shred Level 2 after school

The Actual:

BREAKFAST:  (A tin of pear halves and the rest of my yoghurt.)


LUNCH:  I get really frustrated that nobody ever takes ‘healthy’ foods along to treats.  It was my turn this week and so I packed the following…

Bagels with cheese and ham
Mini cocktail sausages
Tyrrell’s vegetable crisps – If I’m going to eat any crisps, it’s vegetable crisps!


Some Cracker juice – My friend Jenny introduced this to me on Wednesday night. I tend to always drink water and save juice for special occasions. This was a nice addition to the Treats today!


IMG_7253 IMG_7254

And some chopped vegetables and a houmous three pot selection pack.  I also took a mini pot of caramel shortcake squares in.  I made too many of these and afterwards took the remainder of the pot and left them in the staff room for all to share!  I had a bit of everything pictured here.

SNACKS:  None.  Too full from treats.

DINNER:  Possibly the most unattractive dish ever!  The remainder of Thursday’s beef and tomato pasta bake.  I gave a much bigger portion to Dan though as I wasn’t very hungry but knew I’d better eat after my run.


EXERCISE:As I missed my 5 miler on Wednesday I suggested to Dan that he join me for 5 miles last night.  To my surprise he agreed!  We took it really steady as the marathon is only a couple of days away now and also Dan has lost a lot of fitness since starting in his current job and I don’t want him to get injured.  We ended up running 4.69 miles at splits of 12:12, 11:47, 11:27, 11:04, 10:34.  I don’t think I’ve EVER run this route quite that slowly before although it felt so comfortable and I could easily chat to Dan (although he was struggling to hold a conversation back!).  It was so nice and sunny and it felt good to be out.  Had I not been racing Monday I would have been tempted to stay out for another couple of hours!  I do really enjoy running with Dan – a date doing something I love…running!

And then we all know what happened next…!