Hendo and race report posts to follow

This weekend has been a mega, mega busy one but I promise to have some posts up tonight to cover the hendo I went on…


…and of course Milton Keynes Marathon!


SPOILER:  I didn’t hit any of my goals for the marathon :( and was pretty sick (I think due to sunstroke) at mile 18.  I manned up and powered through till the end though and even though I don’t remember doing so I am smiling in all my photos!  Several people collapsed, some were walking by mile 2 and I passed people with breathing apparatus and dodged lots of sick!  It was tough!  MK marathon #3 surely has to have weather that is juuuust right!

4 thoughts on “Hendo and race report posts to follow

    1. Thank-you. It’s ended up coming in two stages…there was so much I wanted to remember from Monday’s race and take note of for future races. Part 1 up now!

  1. I’m not surprised so many people struggled with the heat yesterday – conditions looked brutal. I remember doing the Edinburgh Marathon last year in temps of 28 degrees, and I’ve never seen so many people sick/passing out. And there was a breeze in some parts of the course – I can’t imagine what it might have been like if that wasn’t there.

    Congrats for pushing through the pain and finishing! The stadium finish looks fantastic, I have to say. Onward and upward to the Shires and Spires Ultra :)


    1. I couldn’t believe how many people were sick and passing out! It wasn’t as hot as 28 degrees at MK but after training in really cold temperatures and snow all winter it was a big shock to everyone’s systems at just how hot the day got! There really wasn’t a breeze at all. Thanks for the congrats although I am pretty disappointed with my time. I knew I was capable of 4h45m with my training and it was really frustrating on the day knowing that I wasn’t going to achieve anything close to that. I’m very glad of the upcoming ultra and feeling that my training isn’t going to go to waste!
      I’m not sure I would have survived a marathon in 28 degrees! Massive well done to you for getting round that! Dan said to me last night that I have inspired him to run his first marathon and when I asked him where he would like to go he suggested Edinburgh.

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