Non-runner to Ultra-runner in two years!


That’s what my very first coach Howard said to me when I saw him marshalling at Checkpoint #4 today at the Shires & Spires Ultra!

This is going to be a very quick post, to let everyone know that I am still alive after becoming an ultramarathoner!  I LOVED the race, the day, being out in the sunshine, running with friends and everything about it!

Here are a couple of pics…full recap to follow soon hopefully, but bed is calling now, with a 5:45am wakeup call in the morning…just 7 weeks left until the Summer now…just think how many more trail runs I can fit in then?!!!

Running in with Kev at checkpoint #4: 22.95 miles
Smiling at the finish!
Starting photo, including Jess, from Almost Over Now. :)

6 thoughts on “Non-runner to Ultra-runner in two years!

  1. Oh no, we had the same wake-up time! I hope yours wasn’t too bad – mine was brutal…

    So happy for you and congrats on a great race – you make it very easy to forget that you haven’t been running for very long; you write about running with such knowledge and eloquence. Zero to Ultra in two years is a fantastic achievement and one that very few people ever accomplish – I was still only doing 10Ks after two years of running! And you look so happy in your photos 😀

    Apologies for gatecrashing the group photo – I was milling around at the side and Kev said that since I’d be starting with Colin I could join in on the photo 😉 I can see why you love your running club – they’re such a fantastic group of lovely people. I’m really not fun to be around prior to a race – I’m always so negative and nervous, so I didn’t want to be a drain on all the positive energy your group had.

    Best race of my life – I owe you one and huge congrats to you again. It will be great to read your recap and hear about the race from another perspective :)


    1. Was NOT ready to get out of bed yesterday morning!!! At least I no longer have years 11, 12 and 13 at school so the day was a little quieter than normal. :)
      Thanks for your compliments. I like to try and push myself all the time. Last year I was going to achieve a marathon, this year, an ultra…who knows yet for 2014?…! I much prefer long distance, and think most of my races are now going to reflect this.
      You weren’t gatecrashing at all! Of course you were welcome to join the group photo! My club are great. At the finish, there were about 10 members that hadn’t raced that had just turned up to cheer us all in. It was several people from our club’s first ultra event and I love how my club recognises the hard work that people put in, no matter what their running preferences.
      Glad you enjoyed the race so much. Looking forward to reading your recap as well – especially like you say, to hear about the race from another perspective. One that will no doubt be so different from my own. Will you be back next year?… :)
      Well done again on 2nd lady home!

    1. Haha! I wouldn’t go so far as amazing but your comment did make me smile lots and want to enter another impressive event straight away! 😛

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