Bella’s love of bags


Bella loves bags.  Bags and cable ties are her favourite things.  Oh, and boxes as well.


The bag in the top picture is one we brought home a slate board in that we bought whilst away in the Lake District a couple of weeks ago.  She was so excited to get in it and ended up spending the night in it the first night we were back!

On Saturday I went to my friend Jenny’s wedding.  We had bought her some items from her John Lewis gift list but I also put together a photo album using pictures from her hendo and the inner packaging from a Graze box.


I folded over the edges of the box and stuck them to the back of another box inner, so that I could have double sided pages for the album.  I produced two double sided pages but was then a little stuck how to keep them together.

Until I walked downstairs and saw Bella’s bag…

She was outside, and I felt a little guilty for cutting it up…but went ahead anyway.  It was perfect with the handles as a handle for the album and I then decorated the cover with pens and fake feathers.

When I let her back in from the garden she got straight back into the remains of her bag though and just looked at me.


I felt super guilty, and Dan has since found her another bag she can sleep in.  I’m the worst cat-Mum ever!  :(

2 thoughts on “Bella’s love of bags

    1. I’ve never read it I’m afraid. Until we got Bella I thought it was just a kitten thing, but she’s nearly two and still just as excited about bags and boxes as she was when we first got her! My Cat DEFINITELY Likes to Hide In Boxes! :)

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