Since getting engaged I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about getting healthy and about what ‘being healthy’ means. Like a lot of brides I want to look great on my wedding day, and again, like a lot of brides, it would be lovely if I could lose a little weight before the big day…but if I don’t, I’m fine with that too!

Most importantly I would like to be walking down the aisle knowing that my body is a strong and healthy one and that I have made the right decisions getting there for me. Over the coming months I would like to make a conscious effort to work on the following areas that I know I fall down in at times…

1) Ensuring that I eat three, healthy, balanced meals each day.
I first started this blog as a way of trying to ensure that I ate properly three times a day, as I would often end up missing lunch at school and snacking after work, before eating a rubbish tea.  I barely ever had protein in my diet and I knew that this would become an issue as a marathon runner and that I would not be helping my muscles to recover after my runs. I used the blog as a way of recording my food intake and looking back over it to see how it could be improved and it worked really well.  When I got ill a few weeks back I couldn’t eat more than a few bites for several days and ended up losing quite a lot of weight. I had gotten ill two weeks before my 35 mile ultra and knew that if I didn’t eat in the weeks leading up to the race I wouldn’t have the strength to complete it on the day. Therefore after being ill, when I felt like eating – even if only rubbish food was available – I ate it. My strength returned and I completed the race. But I have not yet gotten out of the whole ‘eat just to get food in me’ thing and have continued munching away without any real thought into the nutrients going into my body and if I am getting the very best from my food.


2) Not chewing my nails.
When you get engaged you wouldn’t believe how exciting your hands (in particular the left one) become! I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember and I have NEVER had my nails done professionally. Purely because there is very little nail left to do after I have bitten it all back to the base! It would be nice if for my wedding day I could get my nails done!


3) Not chewing my hair.
Again, ever since I was very little and allowed to grow my hair out I have chewed the ends of it.  It tends to be when I have an idea in my head and am trying to get it down quickly whilst it is still fresh in my mind.  Often if I am blogging, or designing I have ideas in my head but just can’t get them down quick enough and I catch myself twirling my hair round and round and nibbling on the ends.  My Mum always used to keep my hair reasonably short (see below pic – out with Dad and my little bro) but I begged and begged her to let me grow it long.


And when I did eventually manage to grow it a little longer, Mum soon took to putting my hair in high bunches on the back of my head to stop me from chewing my hair!  It’s a horrible, horrible habit that I never grew out of and I am forever seeing split ends out of the corner of my eye and getting frustrated with myself.  It is time to stop!

4) Getting enough sleep each night.
Allowing myself to lay in every now and then.  It doesn’t make me a bad person!  During the week I am often up at 5:30am or earlier, and it is usually gone 10:30-11pm by the time I get to bed.  What they say about lack of sleep is true.  I often end up tired, grumpy and unable to complete as much work as I do on days where I got at least 7 hours sleep the night before.


This picture was taken after a night out at about 1am.  I am fast asleep on Dan and to Dan’s left is his friend Dave, also a teacher.  Also fast asleep.  Us teachers DO work hard!

5) Not taking on too much.
This is one of my worst habits.  I say “Yes” to everything I’m ever asked to do.  Sometimes this means I don’t see enough of Dan in the week.  Sometimes this means I end up driving 800 miles in one week to visit more than one set of friends for various activities.  Often this means I end up exhausted and extremely emotional from putting on a ‘face’ and getting on with things.  And then Dan gets the brunt of my emotional side when I return home!  I want to say “No” to a few more things.  Not the important ones.  Obviously I will still be attending weddings and christenings and visiting Mum in hospital.  But I plan on saying No to some of the smaller gatherings, or meet-ups that are for no big reason, just because.  I don’t want to alienate people, but I do not want to burn myself out either.  Because I went to Uni 100 miles away from here, and was brought up 100 miles away in a different direction, our friends are rather scattered and meet-ups have often meant that we end up travelling to others.  Hardly ever do people visit us.  More invitations shall be sent for visits as Dan and I have both agreed this year that we are really fed up of driving!

If I can at least make small changes in these five areas (nobody is perfect right?!) then I know that I will be walking down the aisle as a much healthier, happier and more content person.