Another reason why you should never get a cat

A little while back I commented on how you should never own a cat if you wanted to look smart at an interview.  I’m going to add to this rule by saying you should never get a cat if you are ever sweaty or want to shower and be hair free!

THIS is my left hand following an easy > tempo run this evening.  Yes it’s sweaty, but it is also covered in cat hairs as Bella jumped up for fuss as soon as she heard me come through the door!


Bella also loves to come and rub around my legs first thing in the morning as soon as I’ve gotten out of the shower.  Her loose hair springs onto my legs and makes me look like I never shaved all Winter!

Anyway, onto the important stuff…4.7 miles including my warmup, keeping at a 10:30ish pace for the first three miles and then picking it up to 9:30mm+ knowing that I only had a mile and a half left and was still feeling good!


I need to get some more of my tempo>recovery runs in over the next couple of weeks.  I’m not working to a training plan at the moment and have ended up missing club nights quite a lot quite recently.  I know I need to include some speed work in my sessions so might put together a loose plan over the next couple of weeks ready for the Summer.

After a quick shower, tea was my latest addiction…lovely soft bread filled with red pesto, cheese and a tomato.  I also added lettuce after I’d taken these pictures.



I’m very sad that my pesto pot is now empty.  :(

On a sidenote…why are all of runner’s tools touch screen?  My iPod – touchscreen.  My Garmin – touchscreen.  My phone – touchscreen.  Do they not understand how sweaty runners get?…Or is this just me?!  All I could get my phone to do when I got back from my run tonight was zoom in and out of webpages!

Blogging from my phone was a success earlier though so expect more posts from me as I utilise my time wisely by blogging on the way to work instead of playing Sudoku on my phone!  :)

Disclamer: I love my cat dearly and would never, ever get rid of her!!!

4 thoughts on “Another reason why you should never get a cat

  1. Cats are more than worth the excess stray hairs 😉 Did you see that Horizon documentary on cats that was on tonight? I’ve never seen so many gorgeous cats!

    Oh God, I thought I was the only one who absolutely hated touch screens! I agree that they just aren’t practical for runners, particularly when the screen brushes against your clothing or something and it acts as if you’ve ‘pressed’ something. Yet when you’re trying to get it to work with, as you say, sweaty hands, it’s near impossible to scroll properly. Give me good, old-fashioned buttons any day!


  2. I refuse to have anything with a touch screen as I hate them! My mp3 player is quite old now and just has buttons, my Garmin is just buttons (got the cheapest one when it was half price at sweatshop) and I got a Blackberry because it had a keyboard as I didn’t want a touch screen. We have tablets to use at school and they are touch screen and I hate them- if the kids have damp hands (from sweat/ licking their hands/ not drying them properly) the screens go all funny, plus you can just see the smears all over the screen from their fingers- yuck!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Baking Mad post half-marathonMy Profile

    1. Dan’s school are trying touch screen tablets out with his school at the moment. I’m not keen on the idea of kids with touch screens. Like you say you just get smears everywhere, and if they’ve just had PE/it’s been a hot day – you get sweaty dribbles all down the screen! Horrible!

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