Day 1 of a more healthy me

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Breakfast this morning was my boring old Blueberry wheats and strawberry crunch cereal with semi skimmed milk. Every evening I always convince myself to have fruit and yoghurt the following morning but by the morning I’m always craving my cereal again!!!


The Bacon in the above picture was me being a good girlfriend and getting up early to make Bacon muffins for Dan’s brekkie! Lunch was the remainder of this pack of strawberries that I opened up to make Eton Mess (best dessert ever!) on Tuesday night when Vick and Alex came over. I should have made it into a salad for today but ran out of time this morning so ended up picking at this bag of mini chocolates in the afternoon when I got bored at work just because I knew they were there. At least I ate something. Six months ago I would have gone from breakfast at 5:30am right through until tea at 8:30pm without anything at all. I must remember that I am making progress nut really, really must make the time to ensure i am packing up healthy lunches for myself each day again.



Gah! Need to do better tomorrow! The stupid A14 and a long tailback meant that I wasn’t able to make it back in time to get to running club tonight so its a jaunt around town on my own for tonight. At least it’s stopped raining!

2 thoughts on “Day 1 of a more healthy me

  1. I really don’t think I could last so long on so little food, I would of eaten more than that before lunch time. Preparation is definitely key, sometimes I do slip with it sometimes, but my handbag is a bit like a travelling picnic so I usually have something, at east bags of almonds dates, an apple or two or maybe even a nakd bar if I’m lucky! Maybe keep some tinned things at work? I really find that it helps of on Sunday evenings I make about four lunches ready in the fridge so that I don’t have to think about it again until Wednesday. Favourite fast ’emergency’ lunch at the moment is to mash and avocado with a tin of tuna!
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    1. I did used to have a bag full of little nibbly bits that I left at work during the week but I’ve fallen out of this habit and need to fall back into it again! Tinned food is an idea to try in times that I run out of time to prepare lunch or forget it in the morning. I definitely need to start making lunches on a Sunday evening ready to bring in during the week. MUST GET MORE ORGANISED!!!

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