Man of Steel

Tea on Friday night was again a red pesto sandwich. I had no lettuce left, so this time it went along with cheese, onion and a tomato. I also grabbed a handful of grapes whilst waiting for Dan to get ready to go to the cinema.

We went to go and see Man Of Steel afterwards which was epic! I LOVE going to the cinema and Friday night was no exception. (I might have snuck a few of Dan’s Pic ‘n’ Mix into my mouth during the film!)  Odeon turned the volume up really loud, which I think should be a requirement every time you’re in a packed out cinema. There’s nothing I hate more than being able to hear the kids behind you talking the whole way through a film. The film was different to some of the original storyline of Superman and in my opinion the final fighting scenes lasted longer than they needed to. Other than that though I wad gripped to the story throughout!  Although it is a Christopher Nolan film it wasn’t as dark as a lot of his films are.  I’m a massive fan of Memento, Inception, The Dark Knight and Batman Begins.

Breakfast on Saturday morning and I thought I’d get a bit creative…I poured quarter of a large pot of vanilla yoghurt into the remainder of half a watermelon and had a yummy alternative breakfast.  It seemed like a good idea at the time but Dan pointed out how much concentration I had on my face whilst eating it!


4 thoughts on “Man of Steel

    1. Enjoy! It was good! We stayed until after the credits and there was a full length scene from the new Jerry Bruckheimer film – The Lone Ranger.

  1. I love Chris Nolan films too – all the movies you’ve listed are in my top 20 of all time :) I must admit I’m giving Superman a pass though – he just doesn’t have the depth as a character that Batman does, and my attention wanders during overly long battle scenes (which is why I couldn’t stand the LOTR movies, despite adoring the books).

    I like your twist on the ‘yoghurt in half a cantaloupe’ breakfast idea! I must be the odd blogger out because I’m not so keen on watermelon, but it looks really pretty anyway :)


    1. My attention did wander a bit towards the end of the battle scenes. The LOTR movies really annoyed me too. I’ve not read the books, although it is on my to do list, but I felt the storyline had too many characters and different sub-storylines to work as a film…an extremely long film…that was split into three!

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