Everyone knows we’re engaged…

…so let’s all have a party to celebrate!

I’m actually a little late writing this, as we got engaged on May 26th, and our engagement party was on July 13th, but so much else has happened since then I never got round to writing it all up.

We had booked this beautiful pub, The Pheasant, in Keyston and asked along our close families, bridesmaids, ushers and partners.


Dan had originally wanted to invite all of our friends but I pointed out that that would just end up too large and too much like the actual wedding but without the vows!

Unfortunately I was rather rubbish, busy playing host and didn’t take too many photographs.  :(  Here is one of us which Dan’s Mum took though.


It was so sunny when we arrived.  I wore a long skirt and blue tank top but it really was almost too hot to be wearing clothes at all!  Despite this we spent the first 45mins-hour sat outside sweating in the gardens with our drinks until everybody had arrived.

This is me with one of my bridesmaids, Vicki.  I meant to get a picture with all of my bridesmaids, but completely forgot.  :(  Will have to do my best to remember at the hendo now instead.


The night before, I put had together this sign so that everybody knew who everybody else was…


Or at least they knew the people there that were going to be involved in our wedding next year somehow and their job roles!  The aim of the party was to celebrate our engagement but also to let people meet everyone else that they would be helping out with in the lead up to the big day next year.  Unfortunately we failed at this and the three long tables the pub had reserved for us did not contain mixing guests, but rather Table #1 held Dan’s family and us, Table #2 held Dan’s friends and Table #3 held my friends!  My Mum was unfortunately too unwell to come so my brother was the sole representative of my family and he sat on the table with my friends.  I was very grateful that he drove all that distance to then head back early for work.

Here’s a shot with me and Dan’s Mum and brother, Jaye.  Two of my friend’s partners actually congratulated him on the engagement when they arrived having not met him before and mistaking him for Dan at first glance.  I don’t think they look that much alike!IMG_7939

Despite not taking many people pictures I did take some shots of the food which was beautiful and delicious and just the right amount on a plate…

IMG_7936 IMG_7937

A very fancy sausage and mash and an eton mess.  Each person ordered either a starter and mains or mains and a dessert and everybody raved about their food choices!

Dan did a short thank-you speech at the end of our meals to thank everyone for coming and briefly introduce everyone that was there.  Unfortunately this wasn’t rehearsed and he ended up refering to two of my bridesmaids, Amanda and Zoe as ‘unique’!  His best man, Reeves, then stood up and gave a mini practice speech and then my Maid of Honour, Hollie also stood up and did one for the girls!

Afterwards, we headed back to ours for a few drinks in the garden as it was such lovely weather.  We also opened all of our cards and gifts from our friends and family.  We were lucky enough to have a fair bit of money to tuck away in our wedding account, several bottles of alcohol to get through all the stressful wedding planning and these beautiful champagne flutes engraved with the date we got engaged.  We plan on using these for our first toast.  They were given to us by the best man, his girlfriend and parents.

IMG_7976 IMG_7977 IMG_7982

Fingers crossed the weather is this lovely on our actual wedding day next year, 374 days from now!  (I’m not sad enough to know that yet, I just googled it!)

First marshaling experience of the week

Yesterday was crazily busy!
This is how my day went…

5:15am – Wake up and check emails.
6:00am – Shower and get dressed in my club t-shirt and some three-quarters.
6:20am – Grab myself some breakfast – a bread roll filled with crunchy peanut butter.6:30am – Feed Bella and let her outside.
7:00am – Leave for our 5 mile club race.
7:30am – Arrive at race HQ and get put straight to work setting up the tables for registration.
8:00am – Add a few hundred pints of milk to race goodie bags ready for pickup.
8:30am – Quick pre-race briefing before heading up to the start/finish corner of the race to marshal with Julie.  Our first task was to stop cars heading down to the Sport’s Ground and turning them all back before the road was closed off at 10:25.

Just before 10:20am, the runners began to assemble at the top of the drive, waiting for us to close the road down so that they could assemble across the bottom ready for the start…  wpid-IMAG1063.jpg

And then we manned the edges of the road to keep the spectators back…


10:30am – And, they’re off!


Lots of hanging around and joking was done in the wait for the lead runners to come through to the finish.  We actually didn’t have very long to wait.  The lead runner completed the 5 mile race in 26minutes, 31seconds!  Crazy quick!  We were all entertained at the fox that shot out of the hedge and sped up the road towards us…would he be the first to cross the finish line?…Nope, he flew across into another field at the last second!  We also almost mistook a casual [quick!] jogger for our lead runner until we noticed that she was not wearing a number and would have had to somehow lose the lead bike before making her way back!  Oops!

11:40am – Last runner directed safely through the finish so time to wind up the tape and pack up.  The point I nabbed a left-over finishers top was also caught on camera…  :S


I had already arranged to leave by 12 beforehand as I wanted to miss the rush and give myself plenty of time to get ready for Dan’s nephew Jenson’s Christening, which we had to leave ours for by 12:30.
12:15pm – arrive home, quick change, grab a glass of milk and my makeup bag.wpid-IMAG1070.jpg
12:30pm – Leave for the Christening, which was in Lincolnshire.  Makeup and toenails to be completed on the journey.  This seemed like a good time-saving idea at the time.  Not such a good idea when my whole toe turned purple from mixing bumpy roads with purple nail varnish!
1:30pm – Arrive at the church and meet and greet family from both sides.
2:00pm – Service gets underway.  I’ve never been to a Christening where there are two babies being Christened before.  Is that normal?…
Dan is now a Godfather!

3:45pm – Meet at local snooker club for food and drinks and some of Dan’s Mum’s cake she made for the day…

ChristeningCakeShe really is very good and I have already nabbed her to make our wedding cake!
5:30pm – Head back to ours, get changed into running gear as I have a 105min run to fit in.
7:00pm – Head out for a run with Dan.
7:30pm – Dropped Dan off back at ours and exchanged him for my iPod and episode #8 of Marathon Talk.
9:00pm – Arrive back home for a quick shower – the second of the day – and finish packing for two days back at my parents.
9:30pm – Set off for Norfolk feeling incredibly tired.
11:30pm – Arrive at Mum’s, grab a quick drink and my laptop and upload the day’s results to our club website which I help manage.
12:00pm – Pass out exhausted in bed!

Update your readers!


Well, I’ve finally had a teeny tiny small amount of time to get a little bit of work done on my blog!

If you follow me on Bloglovin’ or any other reader please update my blog feed address to ‘ahealthiermoo.com’ to receive notification of when I add new posts.  The reader has previously been running from mrmoore.me.uk, my old work address but I have finally switched my domain over (after three months now!)
Expect to see some more updates around here over the next few weeks, including a new layout, more page contents and more frequent posts!  :)

Reading and sleeping

Yesterday was a crazily busy day involving getting up at 5:15am, marshaling my club 5 mile race for four hours, heading to Dan’s nephew’s Christening in Lincolnshire, out for a 105 minute run, showering, packing and then driving the two hour drive back to my parents in Norfolk and uploading the results of the morning’s race to the club website.

wpid-IMAG1071.jpgToday has been the complete opposite and filled with sleeping and reading whilst sitting with Mum who slept through her chemo session.

I picked up the book ‘Ultra Marathon Man – Confessions of an all-night runner’ in WHSmiths the other week.  My guess is that there aren’t too many ultra-marathon books, but that there are even less ultra-marathon books written regarding night running, so I plan on studying hard!  I left my marshaling duties yesterday feeling very jealous of all of the runners racing and so eager to get out there that I didn’t want to have to wait until 7pm to get my long run in.  :(  Unfortunately there was no way around the wait so I had to reserve my built up energy for after Jenson’s christening.

I don’t have my camera on me right now but plan on blogging about my hectic Sunday adventures after tea so pop back then!