Feeling hot, hot, hot!

IMG_7944THIS is how hot and sweaty I was after returning from my run last night!

It’s hard to capture in a photo just how much sweat was pouring off me at this point, but I think the glean of my arm gives you a pretty good idea!

I only ran a 30 minute easy run – once round town with Dan at a 10mm ish pace.  Surely I must have been running in the middle of the day under the boiling hot sun to achieve a sweat as wet as this?…

Nope, check out the time on my Garmin…22:07…It was after 10pm when I returned from my run last night.  When checking Garmin runTempConnect after uploading my run it displayed an average temperature of 75.1F for my run…that’s nearly 24C at 9:30pm!

What has everyone been doing to keep cool during this heat?  I have mainly either been getting up to run at 5:30am or taking a nap before a run at 9:30pm!  Anything between the hours of 9am and 8pm is still WAY too hot to venture outside right now!

Oh and I’ve been doing lots more of this too…


…Water over the head!  Perfect refresher!

ronhillShortsI can’t get enough of my new Ronhill shorts at the moment either.  They’re so comfy and airy and the perfect length for running in.  I passed someone the other day in full length tights and what looked like a sports jumper running through town when I was on my way home at about 5:30pm.  Now that is the complete definition of crazy!

I’ve found that the heat has meant I’ve struggled to concentrate generally at work and at home and I’ve felt much less productive these past few weeks.  Is that just me?!  I cannot wait until the end of term now and being able to finally feel like I can cross a few more things off my never-ending to-do-list!

6 thoughts on “Feeling hot, hot, hot!

  1. I need some knee length shorts as I don’t like short ones. Someone at Sweatshop still runs in tights and I have no idea how she manages- I would be fainting due to the heat!
    Roll on the end of term! Although so many things need doing in the last few days!
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Melting, and a winner!My Profile

    1. The Ronhill ones I have at the moment are great. They are still halfway between hip and knee when I sit down, so not too short. I can definitely recommend them! I hate shorts being too short. When we sit on the field for stretches after a run at club it becomes apparent that there are several guys wearing too-short-shorts this Summer!
      I have lived in full tights all Winter and love the pair I bought at the start of the year. I could not imagine wearing them right now though! I think I would probably be fainting as well… :S

  2. It’s no better in the mornings in terms of temperature really! Although I’ve been having trouble with vertigo in the mornings since last year, so I often end up running at lunchtime…fun in these temperatures. Sweat has been dripping off my elbows during every run. Ugh.

    Dumping water over your head is just gorgeous – I’ve been leaving a sponge soaked in icy water in the back garden and running laps so I can grab it and squeeze it over my head once or twice per run.

    I’ve seen some people running in tights and long-sleeved tops…I have no idea how they keep going :/


    1. I love the idea of an icy sponge! When we were out on a trail run around the lake last weekend Kev kept filling his cap with water from the lake and dumping it on his head-letting it slowly trickle down the sides. Made me rethink my non-wearing of all hats!
      I can’t imagine running at lunchtimes at the moment. You are mega dedicated to be out there then in that sun and heat!!!

  3. Its been hot here in Alberta as well, and unusually humid. I haven’t yet ventured outside to try running in view of the world but I can’t even imagine running in this weather. Treadmill for me until Fall I think. I’ve been putting a wet bandana either on my head or around my neck and its helped out immensely.

    1. Yep, this is the time of year when treadmills come in handy! And those days where it’s too icy to step outside, but I can’t even remember what cold weather felt like right now!!! Cold bandana round the head sounds like a good idea. :) The kids at school have been putting their drinks bottles in the freezer overnight before bringing them to school so that they’re cool all day and this is definitely something I have to remember to start doing at night!

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