Runner’s fate

As a runner why is it that…

…even if you have THIRTY pairs of running socks, you can only ever find lefties?… (took me 30mins to find a righty before my run last night!)


…if you put off your run until ‘later’ it always rains… (Got hit by the rain last night, but at least I got the chance to test out my new jacket!)IMAG0448

…you always forget to flick the switch ‘on’ when charging your Garmin the night before a race…


…when you don’t wear a coat out on your run it hammers it down…


…when you don’t take a drink it’s unbearably hot…


…if you trip yourself up when you’re out running it’s always infront of someone you know…

…when you fall over at cross-country it’s always in the mud… (sorry Carley!)


…you always get beaten by an oversized banana (or other fancy dress character) at races…


…the only time you’ve ever slept through your alarm is on raceday…


Sometimes being a runner is a very tough job!

Any other ‘Why is it’s to add?…

12 thoughts on “Runner’s fate

  1. Why is it that when you’re suddenly feeling amazing and hitting consistent PBs you suddenly get injured. Well I pretty much know why but it still sucks.
    Running is supposed to be so simpl: just put your shoes on and off you go. Ha. Either everyone’s overcomplicated it (quite possibly) or it’s really not that simple… nutrition, hydration, gear, training sessions, weather… somany different things to consider!

    1. I know! What are they doing that we don’t?! It’s the ones that don’t enjoy it and were just talked into it over a pint at the pub and still beat me back that really annoy me!

  2. Apologies in advance for the TMI but I can’t resist – why is it that at the furthest possible point from a loo, you really, really have to go?

    Just had to bring the tone down a bit 😛 The same thing happened to me yesterday with the rain – I was a drowned rat by the end.


    1. Yay! Thank-you! It’s needed some tweaking for a long while now. I jumped up too soon with the last layout because I got impatient but I took my time before swapping this one. Still a few tweaks until I’m fully happy with it though!

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