Out of action

On Saturday, after heading back to my parents, I took their dog for a walk and found my right hip very painful.  Well, it was more uncomfortable and stiff than in actual pain – there was definitely something not right with it.

On Sunday morning I was due to run a 75-90 min easy run and although I had been in a fair bit of discomfort the night before I decided to set off slowly and see how I got on.  I love having the opportunity to run whilst I’m back at my parents in Norfolk rather than just sticking with the few routes around where I live in Northamptonshire.  I planned a route that I could adjust dependant upon speed and whether or not I needed to cut the route short which was mainly on road, but quiet back roads close to where they lived.  I also factored in a few friends of the family houses and phone boxes just incase I needed to make the call to get a pickup!

I jogged slowly for 20 minutes before stopping to stretch and swing my hip.  I then ended up walking for 15 minutes and jogged the remaining 20 minutes with a short stride back to my parent’s house.  The discomfort wasn’t as bad as the night before but I didn’t want to ignore it and have it turn into something much worse.  It was very frustrating not being able to get out for my run when it was such an achievable distance on such a nice morning, running somewhere new.  At the moment I am the most enthusiastic I have ever been about running.  People have always struggled to shut me up about running but if I didn’t have this blog to write down my running thoughts I doubt I would have any friends left right now!

I have been incredibly lucky (touch wood!) that so far in my running ‘career’ I have gotten by without injury so want to do everything I can to prevent it and emailed the Operation Ultra crew when I got back that evening.  Phoebe and Nick were great; both responding very quickly, despite Phoebe being out filming at the time, and having loads of other clients on their books.  They were really encouraging with lots of advice to help ensure that I remained fit and injury free.

Two of the stretches Phoebe sent over for me to work on…

hipStretch1 hipStretch2

I racked my mind for reasons why my hip was painful and also read Paul’s physio review of my body from the training day…”She was a bit tight on her right hip flexor and right IT band, which suggests that there may be a problem brewing on the right side.”  He saw into the future!  I also noticed whilst driving back that I seem to swing my body to the right hand side, sitting almost crookedly in the seat as I drive.  My driving hours have increased over the past few weeks since breaking up from school for the Summer holidays and this may well have contributed to the sore hip.

The next few days will see lots of stretching, core work and I shall also now be fitting in some swimming to keep active whilst I am unable to run, giving a chance for any inflamation to settle down as suggested by Nick.  I was due a rest day yesterday anyway, and have another one scheduled in for Friday.  Am hoping to return to my plan by tomorrow as I don’t want to go too far off-course, although am very glad that this is happening now, and not in eight weeks time, otherwise I would have a panic on!