And now it’s my glute

GAH!  I was allowed out for a 30min easy run yesterday evening to see how my hip was feeling.  My hip was great!  Didn’t feel any of the problems that I could feel at the weekend, but ten minutes into the run I started to feel a little twinge in my right glute, and although I could then feel this for the rest of my run it wasn’t really restricting my running, or causing me any real pain.  It felt AMAZING to be running again.  How did I get so addicted all of a sudden?  I’ve always enjoyed running, but the past few months I have been really addicted and have missed running properly the past few days.  I emailed Nick and Phoebe to keep them updated and they encouraged me to take another rest day today with lots of stretching and bum massaging before testing the waters with a 45 minute easy run tomorrow.

To keep my mind off of not running during the day yesterday we headed out to Beckworth Emporium for some lunch.  Laura from club snapped this picture of her amazing dinner there the other day and I had to go and check it out for myself.beckworthAlthough when we got there, Dan decided that it contained too many salady items for him and that he wouldn’t share it with me.  :(  Yes, I am trying to live healthily whilst dating a salad-dodger.  It is incredibly difficult, but usually means I get to munch on his side-salads whenever we eat out!  And him not sharing with me means that I have an excuse to visit again sometime soon with someone else!  Anyone wanna come visit?!


It was a lovely sunny day yesterday so we got a table outside for our lunch and I decided on a mozzerella, chicken and pesto panini in the end, which I then promptly swapped the chicken for Dan’s side-salad.  (I definitely had the better deal!)


After lunch we wandered around the Emporium for a bit.  It has some lovely quirky housey/garden items, flowers and farm shop items and if I had the money I could spend a lot in there!

I thought it was rather quirky how you could buy frozen vegetables by the bag.  You put the number you want in a clear bag, get them weighed and then purchase them at the checkout.  You could even buy yorkshire puds this way!  It was the grilled and roasting vegetables I was most interested in though.


We also took some pictures of yellow/orangey flowers that are possibles for using in our wedding next year.


All next to their price tags, so we remember the names of the plants!


I got this email from Dan on Tuesday night.  NOT the sort of email you want to be receiving from your future husband!  Luckily, STD also stands for Save the Date and this was our finished design for our postcards!  We had finished designing and ordering our Save The Date cards from Zazzle.  We ordered 60 Postcards which came to £36 in total.  We decided on postcards mainly due to cost in the end, although considered lots of other elaborate ideas along the way!


I’m hoping they will arrive soon.  Wedding planning has taken my mind off of not being able to run over the past few days and we are heading down to London tomorrow afternoon to catch up with uni friends so would be able to hand out lots of them there.  Almost a quarter of our wedding guests will be there!

7 thoughts on “And now it’s my glute

  1. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with these niggles and injuries. It’s good to be careful with *anything* in the glute/hip area though, because pain/tightness there can be bone stress – ignore that and it will end up as a stress fracture like it did with me (because obviously I was a right twit and kept on running, though I didn’t have pain per se until the actual fractures, which were rather sudden. Just tension/an odd feeling there). Alternatively it could be IT band related, though I’m sure I’m insulting your intelligence by suggesting that and you already foam roll/stretch that area a lot anyway. Fingers crossed for your easy run.

    Aww, spoilsport Dan for not sharing with you! He must be really averse to salad, because there doesn’t look like much greenery in that pic at all!
    Jess recently posted…Northumberland Coast Beach and Trail Marathon ~ 4:04:20My Profile

    1. I’ve been really lucky to get this far without getting injured, but it’s so frustrating that it’s happening now! How much do you foam roll/stretch at the moment? I don’t feel like I do loads and I’m not really sure how much I should be doing each day. I mainly stretch just after running, which is most days anyway. When you are learning to run you learn technique and things like stretching/injury/nutrition just seem to get passed over!

      There hardly was any salad! But sandwiches with cress in he won’t touch, or tuna with onion – nope. Cheese and tomato. WAY too healthy! Haha! He’s so awkward. We could have picked it all out!

      1. Aww, opposites attract I guess 😉

        I foam roll religiously for 30 minutes each day – I have problems with my IT bands all the time, and it’s the only way I can keep them in check (most of the time…) I don’t know if everyone would have the time for that though – foam rolling is one of my favourite distractions when it’s three or four in the morning and I’m still awake!
        Jess recently posted…Northumberland Coast Beach and Trail Marathon ~ 4:04:20My Profile

        1. Yep, as I thought I don’t do it for anywhere near as long as that!
          I need to start building this in even if it’s only for half that time each day. It’s something I can do whilst listening to the radio or watching the TV, but to be honest I find I don’t do a huge amount of either lately.
          Thanks for getting back to me. :)

  2. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your glute. It’s a tricky place to foam roll as well… I’ve found doing he pigeon yoga pose is quite good?
    I know exactly what you mean about suddenly getting addicted. For me it was after doing a half marathon in March. Then I just got the bug to enter more races and just run all the time. It’s addictive. But also so annoying when you do have to sit out for a bit to recover. You’re lucky to have some good advisors to talk to to give you good help.
    Ben is also a salad dodger. Which is great for me, as like you, I get the off casts when we’re out. That’s so annoying that he didn’t go for the platter thing,,.it looks a amazing. I think I would have forced Ben haha 😉
    Wow to the vegetable pick n mix idea! Love it! Sorry ridiculously long comment…

    1. Have googled the pigeon pose and this has also been added to my list of stretches/exercises in the morning! I feel like I’ve self-taught myself yoga over the past week!
      I felt a bit guilty about requesting the platter too much as it was his birthday weekend, but at the same time made him feel guilty enough that next time we go I shall probably be there picking out cress from the egg sandwiches! Haha! Living with a salad dodger is great when you go out for meals, but it’s so frustrating when you want to cook something and end up making two different meals!

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