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One of my favourite bloggers is Cori, over at Olive To Run.  Go check out her Would you Rather Running Style Survey and join in the fun!  It was also her birthday yesterday, so wish her a happy birthday whilst you are there!


Would you rather… Be dressed up like a Zombie for a race OR be chased by a Zombie during a race?

I think both would be amazing!  If I wasn’t racing Mablethorpe marathon the following day I would have signed up for Zombie Evacuation months ago!


Would you rather… train with Chuck Norris or train with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

It’s all about Arnie.  I am a Terminator II fan.  Chuck Norris just doesn’t compare!


Would you rather…Get stuck in an elevator after a race with other people and have to pee or get stuck in a port-a-potty at your race?

I would NOT want to get stuck in a port-a-potty at the race.  I’m guessing that that would mean that I would miss my race, it would stink, there would probably be wee on the floor and the chance that the port-a-potty would blow over in the wind revealing my bare bum.  I think I’ll take my chances jiggiling in a lift thanks!

milk runner
Would you rather… drink milk as you run your race or drink soda/pop?

Milk as I run!  Although flat coke is supposed to be very good for picking you up towards the end of a race I don’t like how sweet it is and I always crave milk when I get back from a run so I’ll go with that!

thats unfortunate
Would you rather… puke all the way down the front of yourself during a race or have someone ELSE puke on your foot?

If it was just my foot I could handle it.  My foot has a trainer on right?  I’m hoping it’s just a little bit and no-one would see.  If it was all the way down my front it would probably spoil my race photos, although might make people move out of my path giving me an advantage?…I’m gonna stick with the puke on my foot though I think.

Would you rather… be three feet taller than you currently are or three feet shorter than you currently are?

I’m 5’8 and always wanted to be shorter when I was younger.  I wished for it every birthday!  (I’d like to point out that I wasn’t 5’8 when I was younger.  Although still freakishly tall for my age!)  Although 2’8 is quite a lot shorter I would blend into the crowds, whereas, it I was 8’8 I would probably stoop a lot and not fit through any doors.  Are my legs long with my increased height?  If I could guarantee winning a few races I might go for the extra height!

Would you rather… sing call me maybe on repeat during a race OR do the macarena the entire race?

Call me Maybe.  Others would probably join in.  If I did the macarena others would probably push me over.


Would you rather… have someone’s snot rocket hit you in the face or someone’s blood from chaffing hit you in the face?

Where is the chaffing occuring?  This is a very important factor.  Strangely though I think I’d prefer the blood to the snot rocket.  Snot is more slimey.


Would you rather… receive a beautiful, shiny medal at the end of your race OR have the race organizers donate $100 to a charity after you finish a race?

I love medals, especially the amazing Grim Reaper medal, but if that much money was going to be donated to charity I would definitely opt for that option.


Would you rather… “hit the wall” halfway through your race distance and struggle the rest of the way OR get close to the end feeling great the whole time but end up having to DNF?

No more DNFs!  I will get round no matter what.  Even if I have to drag that wall behind me the whole way!

Now, go check out Olive To Run and answer the questions too!  :)

6 thoughts on “Would you rather?…via Olive To Run

    1. Aww thanks, if I ever get the urge to run a marathon whilst dancing the macarena, I’ll make sure I run near to you! 😛
      I’ve been talking to lots of ultra runners lately who use flat coke as a pick-me-up towards the end of longer races. I don’t really like the taste of coke but it’s supposed to work pretty well!

  1. I wish I hadn’t read this at lunch haha. Very funny survey.
    I clicked on that Zombie link as it sounded intriguing…made me laugh louds because one of the FAQ is “can I bring my dog?” and the answer is “We would rather not have zombie dogs chasing after us” hilarious.
    I agree about the hitting the wall question. Better to power through than not finish. It’s not about the time, it’s about surviving sometimes!

    1. Haha! I didn’t see that bit about zombie dogs! Haha! I have to get there for this one year!
      It was all about powering through at MK marathon for me this year. I knew I was going to have a rubbish time but I also knew there was no way I was DNFing!

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