A little confession…

After grumpily declaring my dislike of the gym the other day it is now actually beginning to grow on me!

wpid-IMAG1147.jpgwpid-IMAG1149.jpg wpid-IMAG1148.jpg  wpid-IMAG1146.jpg

Above are all but one of the workouts I did as part of my training plan yesterday.

The original training plan for running said 2h 15m easy Sunday AM and 30-45m easy Sunday PM.  Trainer Phoebe said I should go for 1h 30m cross-training Sun AM, 30m Sun PM with core and stretches and to make sure that I mixed the machines up.  After a quick decision I went with…
* 30min cross-trainer
* 30min stationary bike
* 15min rowing machine
* 15min cross-trainer

Then later in the afternoon I fitted in 30min core and stretching, and another 30min on the cross-trainer.

And I also took my first shot of my shoes from up high.  I’m told this is the ‘done thing’ as a healthy living blogger!


I used to go on and off to the gym whilst I was at University in Stafford several years ago.  Always going down with friends that weren’t really into working out but who felt that it was the ‘done thing’ and who didn’t want to feel guilty about watching the latest episode of ‘My Super Sweet 16′ so made sure to be on the bike whilst it was on!  I never really had a purpose to my gym sessions and would move aimlessly from one machine to another until my friends were ready to leave, never really pushing myself hard on any of the machines I got on and counting calories rather than thinking about the benefit of different machines for my body.

This has not been the case this week, and I have stuck strictly to the plan that Phoebe has worked out for me.  If there is any chance of me returning to running soon I would like to think that working to this plan will keep me in the best shape possible for a quick return!  I’ve worked hard at everything I’ve been on and my t-shirt was completely soaked through with sweat from my hard work yesterday!  I like that I can push myself that little bit harder without worrying if ‘I have enough energy to get home’ or ‘if I will run out of drink’.

As a reward for my hard work, after a quick shower I set about making us a Sunday roast which we haven’t had in quite a while.


Sundays used to be all about the early wake-up, long run and then the roast dinner!

I also baked us up some cookies as Dan insisted I’ve never made him any the whole time we were together.  (I know this is a lie!)


Two of these disappeared post-workout.

The gym was rather light both Saturday and Sunday on my visits.  Everybody that was working out at the gym had clearly been doing so for a long time, and I found it hard to spot an inch of fat or a person pausing their workout the whole time I was there.  I think this provided even more motivation for my session at the time!  I could not be the weakest link!