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As part of Operation Ultra I was lucky enough to be sent a free ASICS Lightweight Running Backpack.  Having run with a running group for over two years now, and in a group that has several members involved in ultra-running I have seen several different running bags at races before, although never knew enough to actually pick one up in a store and buy one!

I had a 90 minute run on Thursday and it was pretty hot out so I decided to test out my bag then.  The bag was incredibly lightweight, even once the bladder was filled with water and once I had gotten used to the slushing noise of the water slopping around I forgot I actually had the bag on my back!

I can’t believe how small the bag actually was whilst still fitting 1.5litres of water inside.  Now, I just need to check out how to clean and dry out the bag before using again!


I had an awful, awful run yesterday.  My plan said 2 hours in the morning; stopping every 20minutes to fully stretch to prevent feeling any discomfort in my right glute/hip area on the run.  I was then supposed to cross-train for 30 minutes later on in the evening.

I’ve struggled to eat properly this week, which I think is partly to do with beginning my new job.  For any other bride-to-be I’m sure they would be delighted to lose 5lbs over the course of seven days.  However, seeing that I have just been allowed to start running again, and that I am training for a 50 mile ultra, now’s not the ideal time for me to be losing large amounts in a week!
The unplanned weight loss left me feeling rather empty and energyless in the morning.  I headed out on my run regardless, vowing purely to complete the run at a slower pace and cover less miles if necessary.  The first hour went by as expected, but one hour in and I was in desperate need for the toilet.  I danced in and out of bushes for a little while, debating whether or not there were any toilets closer than the Visitor Centre I knew was a good 20 minutes away before finally deciding there wasn’t.  My bush visit left me feeling even more energyless though and the brief pause in my run made my glute seize and cause me a lot of pain.  I continued, but by run-walking and with long stretching breaks.  In total I completed just 9.5 miles in the 2 hours.  My worst ever 10 miler was completed 20 minutes faster than that!  I must remember that I am running again though.  That’s the important bit.  I clearly need to continue stretching more, and complete much more core work than I have been.  I’m going to increase my core work and add another 15mins each evening pre-tea.  And post-tea will see another 15minutes added of stretching and massage and I will see where I go from there.


Anyway, onto the cross-training in the evening…I didn’t fancy the gym last night, so decided to stick a DVD workout on at home.  Bella decided to join me in the lounge.  This was great until she decided to crawl underneath my stomach whilst I was doing press-ups and pounce on my hands out in front.  Cue me launching to the side and twisting my back to the point I couldn’t continue the workout and had to rotate myself rather than twist to get into bed last night.  Another reason you shouldn’t get a cat.

Well, I’ve written yesterday off…today is another day…!

10 thoughts on “ASICS Lightweight Running Backpack

    1. The 30 Day Shred is great for when it’s rainy outside or you just fancy something different. Jillian seems to know just when you are about to give up and spurs you on with a little motivational comment each time! Haha!

  1. Ahh sorry to hear you had a bad run – I’m sure any of your readers who are runners can relate to when things just don’t seem to flow despite the best intentions. You are completely right though, the most important thing is that you’re running again, and I’m sure the weight you’ve lost will quickly come back as muscle now that you’re back on the training wagon… And the beauty of running is that although there are bad days, there will be some really amazing runs to come too!!
    Lucy @ Lucy On The Lookout recently posted…The Race That Was More Than Just Cake: Women’s Running 10K Race, LondonMy Profile

    1. I am definitely looking forward to those good days! You are definitely right, there are bad days, but there will be some amazing runs around the corner soon! :)

  2. I would like to say that I wish I could run a 10 miler in any time let alone anywhere near 2 hours so I salute you for that!

    Nothing worse than a crap run day whatever level you run at I think everyone has experienced it and it sucks especially as when you complain to others they don’t get it or at least don’t seem to. I would say just write it off and begin again tomorrow and there will be no bad running on Sunday as I will be cheering from the sidelines at Bristol :)

    That 50 miler is going to be awesome and you are going to be telling us all how fab you did and thinking hold on there were bad run days? No problem I just ran a 50 mile Ultra!

    emskiruns recently posted…Veggies & volunteeringMy Profile

    1. It’s definitely been written off! Here’s to a new week! Looking forward to trying to spot you in the sidelines and all of the others that seem to be flocking to Bristol on Sunday! :)
      I like your positivity and am definitely going to get ready to say ‘No problem, I just ran a 50 mile Ultra!!! for a few weeks time!

  3. Such a shame you struggled so much but if your energy levels were that low then it is no surprise. Like you say, be thankful you are running!
    The how to clean part of those running rucksacks is one of the main thing that puts me off them- I am not convinced that the tubes inside would ever get properly clean! So I would think you would have to have the same drink as the flavour would start to taint the plastic tubes. But you will need something like that for those super long runs so it is great that you found it so comfy.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Weekend bakingMy Profile

    1. I’m planning on sticking to just putting water in my bag for that very reason. Am going to empty and get my hairdryer on it today after my run. I’ve always carried water bottles with me on the longer runs before but it was great to leave my hands free whilst out on the run.

  4. Ooh running backpack looks fab! I used a very lightweight one for Yorkshire 3 peaks recently. Also a tip! Squeeze all the air out from the bladder and you won’t hear the water sloshing! An ultra runner gave me that tip and it works brilliantly! I find the sloshing noise of the water very irritating so it was nice to find a solution!
    Sarah F recently posted…Time Warp, Special Olympics & PoutingMy Profile

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