Three days of busy

My new teaching job is incredibly draining!  Despite now only working three days a week in school, I teach solidly from 9-4, without a break, with my 40min lunch breaks taken up with patrolling the playground and being on constant child-watch!

Working full time in a state school was tiring, but I cannot get over how utterly draining working part time with just a handful of students in each class is.  I have to plan a resource for 2-3 people, rather than 90-100 people each time and I need to constantly keep the students fully engaged with the lesson.  I think they’re feeling drained this week too; the first full week back as my last two classes today barely uttered sentences at all and it took a lot of prompting from me to get responses from them.

Anyway, with so much on my mind I couldn’t sleep from 2:30am this morning, and instead used my early start to build a program the kids need to create as part of their Computer Science coursework.

To a non-ICT teacher, this will look pretty boring…


But to Me, this is what I slaved over for three long hours in the midde of the night, while Dan and Bella were both tucked up in bed upstairs.  As were probably most of the rest of the UK!

I had another great run last night.  Threshold sessions are becoming favourites of mine!  This one was a 60minute run to include 4 x 6 mins @ threshold pace with 90s seconds jog recovery inbetween each effort.

I’ve had my plan through for the weekend and as feared, I am down to run a 90 minute run at super easy pace before taking part in Bristol half marathon with the rest of the Operaton Ultra crew.  My pace for the race is down as 11mm.  It actually feels like some of the pressure to perform has been lifted now – I have been told to run slowly, therefore I am not a failure when I do so! I put too much pressure on myself to perform at my best every single time.  The lack of pressure will be quite nice this weekend!

On my days off at the start of the week I thought I had better make an effort to be a good Fiancée as Dan had picked me up some flowers for the first day at my new job last week and I hadn’t done anything nice for him in a while.  I decided to make him a Chocolate Chip Cookie cake after reading that Heather had just made one on Tuesday.  I was so impulsive in fact, that I don’t think I had even finished reading the blog post before I was checking my cupboard for ingredients!

Here is the beauty I created pre-baking…


…and this is how it turned out!


Unfortunately I never got a ‘cut’ picture as it disappeared from the fridge too quickly!  Despite the cake actually being quite sickly when too much was eaten at once.  Small slices were the way forward!

I searched for a few recipes online, but all of them seemed to be written in cups and with ingredients I didn’t have, so with a few tweaks I *loosely* threw the following into a big mixing bowl…

* 120g butter
* 100g caster sugar
* 260g plain flour
* 1 egg
* sprinkle of baking powder
* 3/4 bar of chocolate, chipped into pieces and stirred into the mix

Then popped into the oven for 20 minutes on 180º.  It was still a little squidgey on the top when I took it out so I quickly whipped up some buttercream icing, laid this out on the top of the cookie cake and placed in the fridge.  The fridge worked wonders for the texture and we were able to cut the cake after just an hour.  Dan clearly approved, as there is now none left!

I always find it super frustrating when my Pinned recipes are written in ‘cups’ and Farenheit and have been pulling up the Google convertor each time something pops up in a recipe I’m baking.  I decided to make a graphic to place on the background of my laptop – to hand for when I am next baking in the kitchen.  Hope it helps someone else!


12 thoughts on “Three days of busy

  1. I bought cups as I was so fed up of converting haha.
    That cookie cake looks delicious! It wouldn’t last long in our house either.
    Woa I feel for you having to run so far before the race. But at least you’re going at an easy pace for the half so, like you said, the pressure is off. Just enjoy it and treat it as an easy long run. I’m looking forward to the race but really don’t know what to expect in terms of how fast/slow I’ll go. I haven’t done a proper half (Cheddar Gorge was too tough to count) since March and I’ve improved a lot since since then.
    Good luck!

    1. You were right…you have improved a lot since then! :) What would you say has helped you to improve so much?
      I haven’t even seen anywhere that sells cups. I think our way of weighing is much more efficient though. I’d be rubbish at measuring and squishing ingredients down in cups!

  2. I have some cups to measure with but I find that recipes can be hit and miss as of course it depends on how solidly packed the things are. I much prefer weight recipes but even the converted ones are never that good I find.
    I can’t believe that about your job- surely you are entitled to some sort of break? ( – that seems to say 20 mins if you work for 6 hours, although I thought it was longer if you worked for longer hours. But still, you should have some sort of break!
    I think all the children were tired after the shock of going back to school- so many of the parents said to me on Friday that their kids were feeling shattered or unwell- going back takes its toll!
    Glad your runs are still going well :)
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…Stinging nettles attack!My Profile

    1. I definitely prefer weighing ingredients to having to measure in a cup! The British way is definitely best in this instance!
      I will have 20 mins break at lunchtimes from next week. Because I was on duty rota for this week for the second half of lunchtimes and I wasn’t sure where children were allowed/not allowed/when to ring the bell for different ends to lunch, etc, I headed out for the first half of each lunchtime to shadow the teacher who is on rota for the first half of each lunch. But it was tiring!
      I often find myself working through lunch but really need to get into the routine of taking a proper break again once I’m all settled into the new school as I’m much more efficient in the afternoon after a break.

    1. It can be so rewarding, but it definitely also has it’s challenges!
      The half marathon was actually fine thanks. A little slow, but that was to be expected. Happy to be running for 4hours straight once more! :)

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