Dress fitting and a night with the bridesmaids

On Saturday morning, after an easy 30 minute run in the dark I headed back to Norfolk.  I was booked in for my first lot of measurements to be taken for my wedding dress and to pay the deposit and for the dress to be officially ordered!

Nadine’s Bridal Boutique in Dereham have been absolutely fantastic in helping me choose my dress.  They were the perfect mix of letting me decide what I was after and helping me to choose what suited my shape.  Incredibly professional but very down to earth at the same time.  I’m very glad that they were recommended to my Mum.

Whilst taking my measurements I discovered that for my wedding dress I was a size 14 for my boobs, a size 16 for my hips and a size 18 for my waist?! I’ve never been a size 18 before and always felt that I had an hourglass figure, not one that gave me a pot-belly effect!  The dress I tried on in the store was a 14 and fitted me well though, so that is what we went ahead and ordered despite what the tape measure said!  I am usually a size 12, although own a few 10s and also a few 14s.  Clothes sizes vary so much from shop to shop.10124_178479359044_784174044_3818517_6456094_n

I had a bad experience in 2009 when out trying on bridesmaid dresses for my best friend Hollie’s wedding.  One of the shops we went into only seemed to stock size 8 or smaller dresses.  When I was handed a dress to try on and didn’t get changed immediately the woman asked ‘What IS the problem?’ in a sharp tone.  When I explained to her that no part of me would fit into a size eight, I wouldn’t even be able to get my leg into the thing she replied ‘Well don’t worry, the wedding isn’t until October, you’ve got months to lose all of your excess fat before the wedding!’  We left the shop and I did not enjoy the hunting down of the perfect bridesmaid dress as much as I should have and vowed not to put my bridesmaids through the same situation!

bridesmaidsDressesDan and I both loved the Two Birds bridesmaid dresses, (although not the cost of them!) so are having similar ones made for my four bridesmaids.  I love that the dresses can be wrapped in one of fifteen different ways.  Each one of my bridemaids is a completely different shape and height, so they will be able to wrap their dresses to suit them for the day.

After ordering my wedding dress with my Mum I drove up to Norwich to meet with three of my four bridesmaids and a friend to see About Time.  LOVE this film.  A great British comedy feel-good film just as Richard Curtis always seems to dream up!  Although I liked Love Actually, I felt there was too much going on at times.  About Time had the balance just right, and I came out of the cinema wishing that it rains and that there are gail force winds for my wedding and that I could live as happily as the couple in the film appeared to.


Oh, I also cried a lot.  I cry at many films, but even friends that never cry choked up a little towards the end of the film.

We then made our own pizzas…


Made silly faces…


And tried to train Amanda’s new Golden Retriever puppy Barley Bell to ‘roll-over’.wpid-IMAG1215.jpg

(He didn’t get it!)  But all in all, a nice day of playing catch-up with my friends.  :)

10 thoughts on “Dress fitting and a night with the bridesmaids

    1. Most of the shops we tried did have larger sizes, 16-18+ It does make much more sense for them to be larger so that they can at least be tried on by a larger range of people in the beginning.

  1. Oh my goodness!! LOVE those bridesmaid dresses!! What an amazing idea to have so many different ways to wear them! I want one just for normal days at the office … today I will be GLAM Sarah, tomorrow I will be SMART Sarah!

    Can’t believe what that woman said in the shop though when you were looking for a dress for your friend’s wedding!! What a complete cow!! Grr!! Karma works though … it’ll come back and bite her!! :)
    Sarah F recently posted…Boxing Circuits: Rocky Balboa Meets RiverdanceMy Profile

  2. What a bitchy sales assistant!!! I can’t believe she said that to you – absolutely horrible. I sincerely hope she said something like that to the wrong person one day and they bopped her in the nose. Ugh, such an absolutely vile person – some people don’t have the frame to fit in an 8 no matter how thin they get! My Mum has broad shoulders due to her skeletal makeup and even when she was at death’s door in terms of her weight, she still had to wear a 10 on top.

    Clothes sizes vary ridiculously – it surprises me too that they’d have measured you with an 18 waist, because no way do you look like you’re tummy-heavy to me. I think perhaps wedding dresses might have their own ‘rules’ when it comes to sizes, a bit like designer clothes? I love the bridesmaids dresses you’ve chosen too – lovely soft lines and flattering to everyone, I think.

    Jess recently posted…The Cold ShoulderMy Profile

    1. With the way she spoke to us, I’m sure that one day someone will bop her on the nose!
      Glad it’s not just me thinking I’m smaller than measured. Haha! I fit fine in the size 14 dress so I’m not sure how it works.
      I’m looking forward to the bridesmaid dresses arriving! :)

  3. oooooh the bridesmaid’s dresses are gorgeous and I love the idea they are changeable for each of the bridesmaid’s shapes – I always see this issue at weddings one style does not fit all when all your friends are varying shapes and sizes!! What a lovely idea they are going to look fab, can’t wait to see the pics!

    What a rude cow of an assistant I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut and would have been equally rude back to her – I bet she looses a lot of custom with that hideous attitude and customer service!

    Glad it was a great weekend with Mum and friends though and puppy is cute cute cute how did you not try to smuggle it into the car?!

    emskiruns recently posted…I’m climbing out of the rut!!My Profile

    1. That’s what I loved about the dresses too, and they had such a range of colours to choose from which was great.
      I think my friend struggled to keep my mouth shut to the assistant. I hope she does lose a lot of custom!
      Barley Bell’s constant barking did put me off smuggling him a little bit. It would also have rumbled where he was at! Otherwise, cute as! :)

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