Marathon legs

wpid-IMAG1248.jpgAfter having a day off on Monday to get over my marathon flop I ran a nice easy 30 minutes on Tuesday evening.  The idea had been to run a pre-set course from my Garmin Fenix to check that I was happy to follow instructions from my watch along a course.  After spending more than an hour trying to work out how to do this I headed out for my run vaguely following instructions on my watch, but instructions which every so often disappeared from the screen!  I plan on calling the lovely people at Garmin this week so that they can help to set up my watch ready for the ultra.  I am more of a map reader than a GPS follower, but it can’t hurt to have another method to fall back upon on the day, especially with the limited light I will have on the night run!  If I do manage to work out my watch, I promise to record some videos on how to set it up and put these on Youtube as there seem to be very limited resources for working the Fenix out there in the web world.  Does anyone know how to set their Garmin to do this?  I’m just looking for arrows on the screen to point me in the right direction!

The run itself was fine and my legs felt great despite having run over marathon distance two days earlier.  I was told that this was because I’d put in lots of quality miles beforehand.  They genuinely did feel the best they’ve ever felt after a distance of over 20 miles.

Grazed kneeYesterday morning I walked into school with the French teacher and was busy telling her how great my legs had actually felt post-marathon this time round when I tripped over a loose paving stone and ended on my knees on the floor at the front of the school.  If her five year old son hadn’t been with her at the time I might actually have cried.  I forgot how much it stings when you graze your knee!  I had lots of work to get on with before school began so ended up not really cleaning my leg up until breaktime by which point it really stung!

It had all bruised up by the afternoon.  My actual bone felt bruised from where I had landed on it although it didn’t stop me heading out on a social 5 mile run with some runners from club that night.  All but one of the other runners were from the running group above me and it felt great to not just feel like I was plodding along for a change, but to keep up with others and have a pace setter for the night.  It was still relatively easy miles (9-9:30 pace) but at a faster pace than I would have pushed had I been by myself.  I plan on running with club tonight, but in the group below the one I would normally run in, so as not to push too hard but still enjoy the company of others on my run.  It will be the first time I’ve run with my club on a club night in thirteen weeks!

I also ran two miles with the kids at school during lunchtime today.  That’s five laps of the field next to the school.  At the end of this half term we are organising our own school ‘colour run’, where students are encouraged to come wearing a white top and old shorts and run laps of the local park.  They have an hour to complete the run and for each lap they finish, they will be splashed with a colour to mark how far they have run.  I’m also trying to persuade some of the older ones to look up the local Parkrun in their town and have a go at that.  Some of the kids would be great.

wpid-IMAG1247.jpgIt’s great being able to fit a couple of miles in in my lunchbreak, and also to be able to treat it as ‘working’ as I’m supervising school kids at the same time.  The main problem with running at school is changing in the one toilet that exists in the small school.  Once I’ve hung up my coat and bag on the back of the door there isn’t much room for me to shimmy round and get changed into my running gear.  There also tends to be a queue by this point!  With only 45 minutes for lunch, where you need to include time to eat your lunch it can all end up being a little rushed, but I still really appreciate that we’ve got the time to be able to do it!