Thinking ahead to 2014

For several weeks now people have been asking about my racing plans post-ultra.  As my ultra isn’t until the end of October, I have left the remainder of this year fairly open, only booking the St. Neot’s Half Marathon in November, although I would also like to run Bedford half in December if my legs aren’t demanding a break by then!

A friend from club messaged me with details of the Conti Lightning Run on Thursday though, tempted to enter herself.  When I spoke to her at club that night, she had entered with the early bird entry.

Yesterday when entries went live for the public I also filled out my details for a place…


I have a solo place for the event!  The Conti Run is a 12 hour event, where each solo runner, or team runs laps around a 10k loop.  As a solo runner I won’t be tagging anyone as I cross the line, but rather continuing to run laps for 12 hours!  I’m the third club member to sign up, with two others also talking about entering.

It’s held on the 4th May – the day before Milton Keynes marathon, on the Bank Holiday weekend.  So this does unfortunately mean I won’t have a chance to see if it would have been ‘third time lucky’ at Milton Keynes, but I will be heading that way to support our club on the way home from my race.

This is the only race I have entered so far for next year, although I would like to have another shot at marathon distance (Kev is talking about getting me round at Northampton marathon in April), and also complete Shires & Spires 35m and have a go at the Grim Reaper 40m in August…which is just a week before my wedding…if Dan allows…!

wpid-IMAG1253.jpgBack to the running…!  Last night I headed out in the pouring rain all geared up.  I’ve been trying to wear my contact lenses less as during the week I often wear them for 15+ hours a day which is bad for my eyes.  As it was pouring down last night I left my glasses on, under my cap, with a headtorch on top!  Geared up for the weather, and a great run!  90mins including 3x 10mins at threshold pace with 3min recoveries inbetween.  Not many of my beloved threshold runs left now before the big day!

To keep you entertained…

Ultraboy and Sarah answered the questions I set last week.  Go ahead and read their hilarious answers…!

6 thoughts on “Thinking ahead to 2014

  1. I’m trying to think ahead for 2014 too – I hate planning ahead because I feel as though I will jinx myself and get a horrible injury as soon as I enter any races. Ever since I saw a pic of the Grim Reaper medal I was just hooked by the idea of doing that race though…just trying to think how the transport and logistics might work.

    12 hour race? Bloody Hell, your club is hardcore.

    I wish we had some winter 13.1s up here! I mean, I can see why not, given how awful the weather is in the North East (apparrently we’re going to be buried under 10 feet of snow come the end of November…thanks a LOT, tabloids!), but I wish things didn’t just shut down over the winter the way that they do.

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    1. I want to do the Grim, but I shall see how the year pans out. Entries opened the other day if you want to commit yourself by booking it in?!!! Everybody I supported last year really enjoyed it, and it was organised really well. I love the medal too. It’s in our club colours, which I think is what swung most of them to run it last year!
      Fingers crossed we don’t get loads of snow. Snow and ice is the one thing that manages to stop me from running and I get so frustrated on a treadmill! I like to GO places when I run!

  2. Ooh me too … have even gone so far as to put them on an excel spreadsheet so I can’t clash everything like I’ve done this year! It’s lovely planning in the new races though!! Good luck at Conti – it sounds fab and I think it’s the same course as Thunder Run which is a gorgeous one!! Are you looking to run the whole loop or use a walk-the-hills strategy? They did mention the hills, right? 😉
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    1. There seem to be lots of clashes coming up next year for races, although I think that’s just because I know of more races now, but there’s still a couple where I might actually need to flip a coin!
      I have heard about the hills from various race reports…As a solo runner I’m planning on walking all hills and that way hopefully continuing to the end!

  3. You do like your ultras! 😉 I’m not sure I want to break into an ultra just yet. I want to get the marathon done first! One day maybe. Next year I’ve got the Brighton half, Reading half and hopefully another marathon or two! Urgh and a hell run in January (one of those obstacle/mud runs fun fun haha).

    1. The thing that appeals to me about ultras is the lack of pressure. Events seem so friendly. I would never stop someone on a 10k for a chat or a photo opp, but people don’t seem to mind on an Ultra.
      Another marathon or two? You’re hooked before your first! Love it! :)

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