8 reasons why I love trail running

Yesterday morning I couldn’t wait any longer and threw on my trainers and raced down to the nearest off-road track from my house.  Going without running for a whole week gave me mega itchy feet and I was eager to get back out there again!

Of course, it had to be trail.  If anything, running the Dusk ’til Dawn ultra last weekend has increased my love of trail.  Here’s the top reasons why I love it so much…iLoveTrail

1) Pace doesn’t matter.


A 15minute mile…in a road race?!  You normally run 8minute miles?!  What happened?!  A 15minute mile…in a trail race.  Great!

2) Obstacles/hills make it interesting.



The races I’ve found most boring are entirely flat courses either on a loop or with nothing but road in sight.  (Eg; Silverstone half marathon)

3) Gates/styles break up the run.


They give you an excuse to grab a ‘breather’ on route!

4) You’re not ‘in view’ all the time.

You don’t have to ‘look like a runner’ all of the time.  People are not gliding past in cars pointing at you out of the window as sweat flies from your face and you have mud splashes up to your eyelids!

5) Nice soft ground. (Easier on the joints)

Running constantly on the road is bad for your joints – all the constant pounding on the hard ground.  They recommend that even if you are a road runner you complete some of your runs off-road to be kinder to your joints.


6) It keeps me on my toes.

Because the ground is forever changing, I need to be constantly alert when running out on the trail.  A slight lack in concentration could result in me tripping over a tree root and going tumbling down the side of a hill!

7) There’s always so much to see.


Who runs on a treadmill or alongside a dual carriageway by choice?!

8) You can play in mud, as an adult.


…and get away with it!