A Pinterest addiction

pinterestHands up who’s addicted to Pinterest?…Erm, me.  In fact, I’m not sure how I would have had so many ideas for planning my wedding if Pinterest wasn’t around.  And my list of meals would still consist of about two on rotation each day!

I started off pinning ideas for my future wedding way back before I was even engaged.  (I’m sure everyone does this, right?!)  And now I have 31 various boards pinning ideas for all sorts of areas of my life.

Here are some of my favourites…


Food tricks: Use a potato peeler to peel thin slices of onion.

colourful FruitHealthy snacks: Rainbow cocktail sticks – strawberries, melon, pineapple, grapes, blueberries, grapes.

Car OwnerCrafty gifts: For a car owner.

dinosaurCrafts for kids: Drill holes into plastic toys to hold toothbrushes.

sunflowerCakeWedding cakes: Sunflowers and rustic all in one!

Snowman cookies

Christmas: Melted snowman cookies made with a marshmallow.

soup bowls

Yummy food: Soup bowls made out of bread.

Cat in a bagCats make me laugh: My cat is forever hiding in bags and boxes too!

Egg and tomato Breakfast MeltHealthy meals: Egg and tomato breakfast melt.

What's for Dinner

Organising tips: Baking tray with a meal plan for the week.

I like to think I come up with some good, crafty ideas myself, but Pinterest is great for picking up even more ideas that I would never have thought of!

What are your favourite ideas you found on Pinterest?…

10 thoughts on “A Pinterest addiction

  1. I have never looked on there- I can see it would be a bit addictive so I am leaving it for that reason! Although I have seen a few funny things with 2 photos- the top one from pinterest, the bottom one an awful replica with “nailed it!” written across. Hard to explain but I can imagine if I tried a lot of those things they would not look how they do in the photos.
    Maria @ runningcupcake recently posted…A couple of reviewsMy Profile

  2. Oooh I love pinterest and I always say I am going to do some of the craft things I pin and have never got around to it must stop being lazy!!
    I love the penguin soup thing so cute mainly I love anything penguin related :) And that’s a fab tip for the ionions I’ve never thought of that!
    emskiruns recently posted…Saturday Spree #4My Profile

  3. Yep I’m a self-confessed Pinterest addict too! Used it a lot for my wedding and use it every week to plan meals. Though I have so many recipes pinned that I havent made yep…whoops.

    1. Love those skewers… They’re so pretty! If only fruit was made to look that pretty all the time I’m sure more kids would be fruit lovers! You definitely need to get yourself a Pinterest account but be prepared to lose a lot of time!

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