Maintaining fitness without a foot

In some odd way it’s nice, almost a relief knowing that I can’t be tempted to enter Bedford half or Nene Valley 10 both in a few weeks time. I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t have gotten injured I would have ended up entering at least one of them and then ended up being disappointed with my time.
Offering to pace Jenny was my way of taking the pressure off myself at St Neots half but I still would have put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure she got round in the time she was after.

To come back in 2014 as a stronger runner I know I need to continue with my training now, whilst I am unable to run.  I want to continue with my training now…I’m just not sure what I can do!  The next three-four weeks is going to heavily feature upper body strength training – I have lots of situps and half press-ups planned!  Also, lots of weights and that thing rugby players do when they put their arms out to the side and move them in small backwards circles like in the picture below.


Ignore the happy look on my face.  That is a front.  I’m not very happy!


My foot was iced repeatedly on Sunday evening, and then spent several hours elevated on the couch.  Dan made and brought me tea, but I’m not a very good patient.  I was pretty grumpy and very restless.  Dan told me that he was dreading when we had a family, as I would be a rubbish pregnant person.  I told him I would run all the way through my pregnancy.  He didn’t believe you could do that so good old Google proved me right.  He then told me that running clothes wouldn’t be supportive enough, so again, Google showed him wrong.  His next stab at being right was that I would get grumpy after birth, when returning to running with slower times so I found him studies about women who had dramatically improved their times following having children.  And then Dan wouldn’t play anymore…!…


*** NOTE:  We are a long way off having kids yet!

Anyway, the cross-trainer and swimming got me by when I was injured over the Summer, yet this week I’m not allowed to do either, and no cross-trainer for the following 2-3 weeks either.  My foot aches while I’m lying in bed typing this.  :(  I am generally a very active person and the fact that at the moment I can’t even walk my parent’s dog up the road is very depressing!

It did worry me yesterday when my foot started aching that more might be wrong, but I shall give it a week and see if I can get in at the physio to find out more.

Until then, I’m open to ANY suggestions for exercises to do without the use of my foot!  I’m going to attempt to build up some sort of routine that I can work on each day to strengthen and tone my upper body…this is what I’ve come up with so far…

noFeetWorkoutAny suggestions/modifications?  Other than seating boxing, I’m unsure what cardio is really practical for me to do this week.

Press-up from the knees | V- sits | Leg scissors | Seated shoulder press | Abdominal hold | Ballet twist

15 thoughts on “Maintaining fitness without a foot

  1. Oh no :-(. Sorry about your foot. I was in a similar situation after my marathon but my injury wasn’t as bad as yours (it didn’t hurt at all when there was no weight on it). I just did lots of kettlebell stuff for cardio and small dumbells for arm strengthening workouts. The ‘hold out your arms straight in do tiny little circles’ thing is a killer!! Works a treat though. Hope you manage to stay sane over the next few weeks :-)

  2. Oh no! Booooooo!! Sorry to hear about your foot! I’ve been off running for the last couple of weeks as have been flattened by a horrible cold. Hope you feel better soon. There’s a fab sports physio I can recommend in Northampton that I use if you need one! I had my first run back yesterday. Why are first runs back always AWFUL? I felt like I was dying throughout! (Obviously wasn’t as made it home)
    Sarah F recently posted…The Skeleton Run – Massive Cow Fear & Night Hill RunningMy Profile

    1. I plan on my first run back being without a watch else I’ll expect to be at the same speed I was pre foot injury and that’s impossible so I’ll feel rubbish! Cheers for the physio recommendation… am headed there next week, hopefully to be told I can run again soon! :-) Hope you’re feeling much better now. I’m pretty sure I hate coldcolds more than anything. They just make you feel really lousy and not want to do anything!

  3. I’ve been trying to come up with good cardio options without any foot pressure and it is indeed very tricky. All I can think of are those arm-bikes some gyms have…leg extension machines would be good to get in some heavy leg-based strength work without putting weight on your foot (also seated/lying hamstring curl machines?) Boxing while holding weights will get your heart-rate up more than just punching air as well.

    I know it’s easy for me to say and I would be climbing the walls as well (err, plus eating absolutely everything in sight and making myself even more depressed, so at least you’re not doing that!) but you can still come back strong from this, and you have a far better chance of getting to London by focusing on what you can do right now.

    Weighted ab work is something I just thought of as well – med ball crunches/throws and decline sit-ups (if your gym has a decline bench) absolutely kill me. Do enough of those and you’ll have a core of steel!

    All the best – I wish I could give you a real hug, but I’ll send over a virtual one anyway.

    Jess recently posted…Race Recap ~ Maltby 7 ~ 49:19My Profile

    1. I’ve also been doing more pondering (sorry, you’re probably sick of me and my ideas already) and I think that most mat-based pilates workouts also don’t involve and foot pressure. There are lots of pilates videos on YouTube, or if your gym has a pilates class you might be able to talk to the teacher beforehand and modify and standing exercises?
      Jess recently posted…Race Recap ~ Maltby 7 ~ 49:19My Profile

      1. Definitely not sick of you and your ideas! They’re really helpful! I’ve not had a chance to check out pilates this week but have just found and emailed a local class to see what options are available. Well keep you posted! Thanks again. :-)

    2. Definitely very tricky. At least now it’s a week in I can add swimming to the agenda again!
      Like you say, there’s a better chance of me getting to London as a stronger runner and that’s what’s kept me going.
      Thanks for these suggestions Jess. I hadn’t even thought about adding weights whilst boxing and that’s been a big thing for me since reading your comment. :-) Thanks for the virtual hug too. Non running friends just don’t understand the plights of a runner!

    1. Yes have spotted the arm cycling machine thanks. :-) Am pretty limited without the use of my legs… It has been a very long week! I really like bundling up and going out for a long walk but it’s been so frustrating not even being able to do that! :-(

  4. Haha so funny about the google thing. I’m exactly the same with Ben.
    I’m so sorry about your foot. How frustrating :(( honestly if someone out there could invent someone to stop runners getting injured I’d pay a fortune for it! At least this has happened now rather than before your ultra. Maybe it’s a good thing for you to have an enforced rest for a bit….I know they’re weak words and they’re not going to make you feel better. With my niggles nothing makes me feel better when its bad. I become such a grumpy depressed person.
    Sending you as many good vibes as possible!

    1. All arguments can be won with Google! Especially running ones with a non running partner!!! 😛
      Thanks for the good vibes. They are very much appreciated right now! I am lucky in that I’m not training for anything specifically at the moment but having an enforced rest is really frustrating still!!!

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