Christmas gifts I would love under my tree

I’m addicted to running.  Therefore, I think I’m pretty easy to buy presents for…anything running related and I’m happy.  At the Running show at the weekend i could have spent so much money! And they had a Ronhill sale on…dangerous! These are some of the things I’ve spotted lately that I would like in my Christmas stocking…

1. Charming Rewards bracelets.

Charming RewardsI like the leather bracelets and would have mine similar to the one above.  This would be a great gift for someone who has recently completed their first marathon/half/10k/5k.

2. The Runner’s Wall medal hanger.

trailRunningI’ve seen lots of different styles of medal hanger, but I love this Trail Running version.
I also love this for London marathon medals…
If only I knew that I would get a place more than once!

3. Wrist ID bracelet.

Wrist ID braceletI already have it in blue, but would also like the pink version!

4. Eat & Run.

Eat & Run

I’m a sucker for any running book and this one is all about ultramarathons…bonus!

5. Ronhill Aspiration Connect shorts
I lived in my Ronhill shorts all Summer long after receiving them from Women’s Running. My pair are blue. I would like the purple pair to complete my set!

6. A box of Maxifuel Viperboost bars

So nice. So addictive!

6. A 26.2 Car bumper sticker

26point2Because I’ve done it…why shouldn’t I shout it out to other car users?!

7. A running headtorchheadtorch

I was lucky enough to borrow two headtorches from other club runners before the Dusk ’til Dawn but being as addicted to running as I am, I think it is about time I purchased one myself.

8. Bubble bath

bubbleBathYou can never have too much bubble bath as a runner.  It’s what Sunday afternoons were meant for after getting back from your long run!

9. Foam roller

foamRollerMy body has been crying out for one of these since I got injured in the Summer.  I’ve made do with golf balls, tennis balls and cans of soup, but it’s just not the same!

10. A running mug

runningMugBecause then everyone would know it was my mug in the office!

What’s on your Christmas running-themed wish list this year?!