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Friday night was my running club’s Christmas do and awards ceremony.

Me Hayley and  Jackie

(Hate this picture, but it appears to be the only one of me from the night.)

Each year awards are given for the most improved/hard working member of each running group.  There are also awards given for the male/female fastest (going on age grading), male/female triathlete and then overall Runner’s Runner of the Year male and female.  The Runner’s Runner of the Year is voted for by the members – they each get one vote for a male runner and one for a female runner and they must back up their votes with reasons as to why that person should be known as our club ‘Runner of the Year’.

Last year I was asked to make videos for the nominations, and again this year.  In fact, the club chairman said that it is now forever my role!  The nominations all come through to me so I could choose one nomination from the list for each nominated person and include it on the video.  It has been so inspiring reading through what some people have achieved this year.  (And a little bit depressing knowing that I can’t run at the moment!)

The final videos for this year were…

And I received four nominations!  I did not expect this at all.  I have had a rubbish year of running this year, only getting two PBs – one by just 3 seconds so that didn’t really count! – and not completing my main race of the year.  Both marathon times were rubbish and I was disappointed that my hard work hadn’t resulted in a PB.  I have continued to give running and the club my all though and this has obviously been noted!  The comments written about me were:

*1* Mary contributes on both sides of the club – as a committed runner(marathons, ultras, blog worlds!) and as a committee member. She just quietly gets on with it, achieving her goals and helping whoever needs it. She’s a great ambassador for WDAC.

*2* For having the guts to try New things that she has never done before.

*3* Mary is a fantastic ambassador for the club.  She has amazing determination and is dedicated to setting and achieving her goals.  A non runner to ultra runner in two years!!  She’s just such an inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others.

The fourth person did not leave a comment.

The two people that won very definitely deserved to win.  James has gone from Group 5 up to Group 1 with the club, and his GNR time improved from 2:25 – 1:32 over the course of the year!  Dawn has achieved a PB at every single race distance this year, including taking off more than 20 minutes of her marathon PB.

I love making the videos and seeing everyone’s reactions on the night.  I’m glad this has been made my forever role!

6 thoughts on “Runner’s Runner of the Year

    1. Haha! OK, I did run an ultra, and I was incredibly happy about that. I think I set my sights too high for this year, which is why I don’t really feel satisfied with my results. Next year expect some lower expectations!
      Thanks for your lovely comments. :)
      Mary recently posted…50 years a runnerMy Profile

  1. Well, I’d take any PB, even if it was ‘only’ 3 seconds!

    I can understand why not being able to run would make you down on yourself at the moment, but if I’d had a vote I would have nominated you too. I agree with all of the comments people made, particularly how amazing it is to go from zero to Ultra in just two years. It took me that long to work up the courage to run 10 miles, let alone an Ultra!

    Jess recently posted…Race Recap: Newcastle Racecourse 50K ~ 4:27:51My Profile

    1. Awww, thank-you. :)
      I was more disappointed with the 3 second PB as in 2012 my race had been consistant across the 15 miles, other than one walk I allowed myself up a steep hill. I was all over the place this year, setting off too fast and crashing and burning quickly after the start. I felt I didn’t really deserve a PB for such an awful performance.
      Long distance is what I prefer and I often overlook the ultra – I saw it as a long run with friends and relaxed. Maybe I should do that more often?!
      Mary recently posted…50 years a runnerMy Profile

    1. It was lovely to see actually how many people were recognised for such a variety of achievements – not all actual running, but coaching and support to our club. I stand by our club being one of the most inclusive and ‘family-style’ clubs in the country!
      Mary recently posted…50 years a runnerMy Profile

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